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Building Department

Building Department


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It is important that any one desiring to build any structure within the city limits to contact the building inspector and consult with him before beginning any building project. He can guide you through the process so that costly mistakes can be kept to a minimum.

The building department for the City of Weiser has the responsibility of assuring that all residential, commercial, and industrial buildings are constructed to the minimum standards adopted by the city of Weiser. These standards are in the form of building codes. These codes are intended to safeguard the health, safety, property and public welfare of the Citizens of the City of Weiser.

It is the duty of the Building inspector to enforce these codes as a minimum standard. Buildings may be constructed to a stricter standard if so desired by the builder, but the minimum standards as put forth in the building codes are to protect the people that inhabit or use the structures being built..

These codes have come about over many years as the result of the loss of life in many varied circumstances. They have evolved and continue to evolve as new construction methods and materials come into being.

The building inspector is not only the enforcing agent for the City of Weiser but is intended to be a consultant to any citizen before, during and after the building process.

The City of Weiser also has their own codes for the creation of subdivisions and trailer courts etc. within the City Limits. There are also different Residential, Commercial, and Industrial districts. Each of these districts has their own regulations relating to setbacks and standards that must be met in order to build a structure within that district.


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