Feb 01 2017

Weiser City Police

CARL SMITH, Chief of Police

Weiser Police Department Employment Opportunity 02/01/2017

The Weiser Police Department is currently hiring for the position of patrol officer.

We are looking for a qualified candidate to join our professional law enforcement team. Our agency consists of 12 sworn officers dedicated to continuous improvement. teamwork and professional excellence.

The Weiser Police Department is committed to quality training and personnel development. Our community consists of approximately five square miles with 5500 residents.

This is a full time position with rotating shifts including nights, weekends and holidays. We have a progressive pay scale starting at $18.05 an hour. We have great benefits including medical, dental, vision. life and PERSI retirement.
Applicants should possess above average communication skills and be able to articulate themselves verbally and written. They must have unwavering integrity and be self- motivated.

Qualified applicants must complete the following hiring process which is not limited to: take and pass written examination, take and pass POST Physical Readiness Test, complete Oral Board Interview, take and pass pre-employment polygraph exam, take and pass drug screening, take and pass a psychological evaluation, and take and pass a typing test.

Applicants must have a valid/current driver’s license, be at least 21 years of age. and have at least a high school diploma from a certified school. Be Idaho POST certified or certifiable within I year from hire date.

The City of Weiser is an equal opportunity employer.

Applications will be accepted until Friday March 3rd 2017

Interested applicants can apply at the Weiser Police Department: 262 E Court Street Weiser, Idaho 83672, or by calling 208-414-2244, or by going to the City of Weiser website http://cityofweiser. net/

Applications are available HERE.

Chief Carl Smith