Oct 12 2016

The Mayor’s Corner 10/12/2016

DianaLocal resident and veteran, Kim Rowley, recently introduced me to an organization he is associated with named, ‘Freedom Isn’t Free Veterans’ Hunt’.  One of Kim’s buddies and a veteran, Mark Ballard personally funded a hunting weekend for a small group of veterans including Kim several years ago.  It was hugely successful and was filmed for an Outdoor channel.  After this experience Mark and some military buddies began a non-profit organization and began putting on hunts in Texas, Utah, and Kansas.  The team began raising money.  They have been able to take over 300 veterans in the Western United States on a variety of different types of fishing and hunting trips.  Due to successful fund raising efforts they are able to expand and have put together a hunt in Weiser on November 12.
Kim contacted Tim Wrightman, former tight end for the Chicago Bears and owner of Lazy Bear Ranch here in Weiser and Keith Bryant, co-owner of Weiser Classic Candies.  Together, these three, have put together a hunt for 6 veterans and a Gold Star Family.  What a great experience for these veterans and families and what a great way to honor veterans on Veterans’ Day weekend.  For more information about the hunt program contact Kim Rowley.  For more information about the Lazy Bear Ranch you can visit the website at www.lazybearranch.com and stop in at Weiser Classic Candies.  More of our local residents helping others.
Chamber Awards dinner is Monday night at the Vendome beginning at 6:00 p.m.  This is a great night for dinner and to see many worthy members of our community honored.  Businesses and community groups decorated tables and attendees are the recipients for the table décor.  Hope you have your tickets, if not there are a few still available at the Chamber Office.  They are $20 each.  Come out and show your appreciation to the honorees.   
The fall sports season is winding down.  Congratulations to all the kids participating in sports from our recreation teams all the way to the high school.  It is good to see so many kids active after school.  Life has changed and it is easy to get into technology so much that exercise and fresh air seem to go out the window (no pun intended).  It is good to see so many involved in soccer, football, running, and volleyball.  Our Rec Department is already taking registrations for the winter sports, so get your kids involved.  There is much to be learned from team sports besides the valuable exercise.
For those of us without kids in school now, we see lots going on and wonder what it is. So if you see some well-dressed young people running around on Saturday, it is Girls’ League at Weiser High School.  The Vendome will be full of young ladies in formal wear and guys in suits and tuxes.  It is fun to see them all dressed up. Several of our local restaurants are having special dinners so our kids don’t have to drive out of town.  Thanks for catering to our kids.  We do love our kids.