Oct 26 2016

The Mayor’s Corner 10-26-2016

DianaWeiser Rec Department is completing sign-ups for youth winter activities already. I thought I would share a few statistics from the last three year’s programs in our Rec Department.  The numbers are the averages for 2014, 2015 and 2016 where we have them.  First the youth activities and then adult programs.
Spring soccer is always a favorite for the kids and is run as co-ed.  The average over the last three years is 173 kids.  Fall soccer is also popular and brings out around 140 boys and girls.  The average in the fall is 140. One of our big programs is our Co-ed youth baseball which has an average of 222 participants which is great. Youth Basketball program averages about 140 boys and girls each year during the months of November through February.  The boys play competitively during November and December and the girls play January and February. The Punt, Pass and Kick contest each fall averages around 25 participants each year.  These programs are run by our two full-time employees Ken Anderson, director and Jeannie Bates, his most able assistant and a horde of volunteers.  Most officials are paid for their services which can be a large item in the budget. I want to thank those volunteers who step up to coach and help in our youth programs.  These programs provide an opportunity for our youth to stay active and gives them something to do during the hours outside of school time.
In addition to the Rec Department programs, Ken and Jeannie also assist in spreading news of various athletic camps, many sponsored by coaches in the school district.  They help with registration and setting up locations for the groups.  Again, many of these activities are led by volunteers who want to see our youth exposed to many activities be it golf, volleyball, tennis, football, soccer, baseball, wrestling or martial arts.  Thank you to all these volunteers for caring about ort kids.
Weiser Recreation Adult Sports include co-ed spring and winter volleyball, Co-ed softball, Men’s Pre-season Basketball, Winter Adult Basketball and Women’s Winter Basketball.  The volleyball numbers average around 115 players per year; Adult basketball averages close to 180 players; and Co-ed softball has about 85 players per year.  Ken is looking at new programs for adults and particularly looking at programs for seniors like pickle ball which has developed quite a following.
In addition, the City has summer activities in the pool.  Many of our seniors and adults enjoy the water aerobics in the summer but Ken is looking at more lifetime skills for our adults.
Another chunk of time is spent preparing for and running the Halloween Party each year.  If it is determined this is no longer a need of the community, that time and money will be put to use in other areas developing programs for the overall community.  Just wanted to give an update on the numbers that are served each year by our recreation programs.
Weiser Police Department had a successful drug take back day in partnership with Weiser Memorial Hospital on Saturday.  Remember there is a take-back station at the WPD office where outdated and old drugs can be dropped off any time.  Clean out those medicine cabinets and eliminate a potential problem.
Drivers and parents of Halloweeners, please be careful on Monday night.  Protect our little trick-or-treaters.