Dec 07 2016

The Mayor’s Corner 12/07/2016

Two weeks ago, I had the opportunity to present Keith Bryant with a Mayor’s Coin in recognition of his ambassadorship of the City of Weiser.  Keith has been an ongoing supporter of our community through his business, Weiser Classic Candy, along with his business partner, Patrick Nauman, as well as on his own.  He has been the driving force in our area Crime Stoppers for the last several years. He along with Angela Girvin has been working with families who have been burned out to find help and walk through the necessary steps to come back from the loss of their homes and possessions.  Keith teaches cooking classes, has helped the City in evaluating needs for the Vendome and works with the Clary/Slyter family in providing the Community Thanksgiving Dinner. I had wanted to recognize Keith at the Weiser Chamber Awards but he was unable to attend so please take time to say thanks to Keith for all he does for our community.
The weather is a-changing.  This past week the annual snow removal meeting was held.  This is the meeting that Pat Malay, our Street/Parks Department holds each year to go over safety and procedures related to snow removal throughout the City.  The Street Department itself has six employees so it takes workers from the other departments to help with plowing and removal of snow.  There are several new members in our departments so there will be some additional training needed this year particularly if we have heavy snow fall.
There is a priority list of streets that determine the order of plowing.  The map can be found on the City web page.  The main streets, of course, get hit first.  The streets to the hospital, local government, downtown businesses and schools are first priority. If you plow or shovel your driveways, please do not put the snow on the street as it makes humps and creates difficulty for others traveling or parking on the side streets.  If you have off street parking, please use it during the winter weather to allow plowing and to make it safer for those traveling the narrower streets.  Also, please do not park trailers and winter recreation vehicles on the streets. No parking is allowed downtown from 4 a.m. to 7 a.m. to allow the downtown area to be maintained in winter.
It is our intent to safely remove the snow and sand from the City streets with minimal cost and as soon as possible after the storm.  However, the equipment needs to have an accumulation of snow to work effectively without damage to the plowing equipment.  The crew tries to get out quickly to sand hills and major corners when snow falls or frost is present. We appreciate your patience and understanding in winter weather.  Remember to adjust your driving and walking during the winter weather as well.
The Annual C.O.P. Christmas Dinner is coming up on December 25, Christmas Day from 12:00-2:30 p.m. The dinner is held at the Weiser Senior Community Center and is free.  Donations are accepted.  Don’t sit home alone on Christmas, come down and enjoy another great meal.
The Weiser Architectural Preservation Committee is having the Christmas Tour of Homes on Saturday, December 17 from 4-7 p.m. The tour will include seven beautiful homes in the Valley View Subdivision.  Tickets are available at the Weiser Public Library or from Dorothy Evans at 549-5589.  Another Weiser Christmas tradition.  Still lots of time to enjoy Christmas activities in Weiser.