Jan 04 2017

The Mayor’s Corner 1/4/2017

Welcome 2017! Yep, it’s winter. As we flew home from spending Christmas with our kids in Portland, the area below us was white from Mt. Hood to Boise and beyond. It was interesting to see all the communities no matter the size working to get major streets open for residents. Our crews continue to work. Sanders were out Monday during the holiday and crews will be out late at night plowing. It looks like we will be getting more snow later in the week so drive carefully. One of the big challenges now is to find space to store the snow we remove.
The Weiser Fire Department and Water Department are also working on digging out our approximately 276 fire hydrants. If you are one of those avid shovelers and live near a hydrant, your help is greatly appreciated in digging the hydrants out. There needs to be a 3 foot area around the hydrant to ensure visibility.
Again, a reminder to leave a small stream of water running in your pipes during this cold, cold weather. It will help keep pipes from freezing up and the additional cost is minimal compared to the replacement of water pipes. Call the office if there is a problem with you meter.
Christmas trees can be placed in front along the curb for pick up. Please do not place next to garbage can as the garbage truck driver does not do the pick up. The trees are picked up by the Street Department as time allows and then taken to a location for disposal.
The City Council will be meeting on January 9 at 7 p.m. in the Council Chambers. There will be a public hearing before the meeting at 6:30 on the proposed Conditional Use Permit Request for a RV Park on the old Sale Yard Property across from Scoular and the Railroad tracks. This is a public meeting and a hearing for those who have concerns or questions. The regular meeting the Council will be selecting a Council President and approving appointments to committees and commissions.
Remember the new year is here and many licenses need to be renewed. Dog licenses are available in the office. These licenses help return animals if they are lost or run away. Hunting and fishing licenses need to be renewed and fishing licenses are needed for our community pond.
County officers will be sworn in Monday, January 9 check the agenda for time. New Commissioner Nate Marvin and Commissioner Kirk Chandler will be sworn in along with the Prosecuting Attorney, Delton Walker, Sheriff, Matt Thomas, Coroner, and their deputies. Congratulations to all.
The City of Weiser lost another long-time businessman over the holidays. Our sympathy goes out to the John Panike Family on his passing. Panike Auto Body has been an institution in Weiser for many years. John and his son Mike have fixed many fender benders and wrecked vehicles over time. Sympathies also to the families of Bill Betts and Gary Courter. These two gentlemen have spent many hours and years working with the youth in our area. Thank you for caring. All three gentlemen will be missed in our community.