Jan 11 2017

The Mayor’s Corner 01/11/2017

 Wayne Wallace, Electric Department Supervisor, wants to issue a warning to those cleaning roofs of snow.  “Due to the amount of snow this season we encourage everyone to please use caution when clearing snow off your roofs.  Some hazards of concern are the weight of the snow and ice coning off your roof tearing down your electrical service.  When using tools (roof rakes, shovels, etc.) to clear the snow use caution around all electrical service lines.  The aluminum handles are a great conductor of electricity.  Also, please report any damage to lines, poles, meters, etc. to City Hall 414-1965.  Thank you and stay safe.”   Coming in contact with any electrical source can be deadly even 110 v.

Due to the snow accumulating in the alleys, an alternative garbage plan has been put in place.  Alleys are not plowed for several reasons, narrowness of alleys for big equipment, number of garages and parked cars in the alleys, fences, as well as limited equipment, crews and time.  Beginning this week, large cans in the alleys will not be picked up until further notice.  Instead, additional large cans will be placed at the Recycling Center and on Liberty Street behind the Courthouse for residents to dump trash.  These cans will be picked up daily.  Those residents having small cans at the front curb will continue to have their garbage picked up daily until further notice.  These cans are available for use by any City residents.  The City wants to avoid having to cancel garbage pickup and this is a good alternative although inconvenient for many of us. We will try to continue Commercial pickup as usual if we can access the alleys. We appreciate residents’ patience and cooperation as we deal with the accumulation of snow.

I have been asked to clarify the removal of snow on private property and whose responsibility it is. I, again, want to remind snow removal services and residents that Idaho Code section 18-3907 prohibits placing an obstruction such as snow in a road, street or highway so as to cause or make any water to flow up on or impair the road, street or highway.  When clearing parking lots of snow, the snow is to be placed on the private property not plowed into the street.  This reduces potential sight obstructions and other hazards and cuts down on flooding of drains as the snow melts. Snow thrown into the street from shoveling sidewalks, snow blowers and small plows should be left on your property or within the parking strip. It should not be pushed into the street. Residents are responsible for removing or having snow removed from the sidewalk adjacent to their businesses or homes. City Code 8-3-9

Enough about the snow. Here’s a bright spot in the winter weather. It’s band dinner time again.  The Weiser High School Band and Color Guard present “Americana West” on Saturday, January 21 from 4 -6 p.m. and 6:30- 9 p.m.  This fund raiser is held each year and provides a great meal with great entertainment for $20 in advance or $25 at the door.  Tickets can be purchased from any band student or at the WHS.