Jan 25 2017

The Mayor’s Corner 01/25/2017

Many thank yous need to go out this week. Thank you to the many residents who have stepped up to help family, friends and neighbors with roofs, sidewalks and driveways throughout this stormy winter. Thank you to WCC, Ruszoni’s and the Mire family for providing meal for the crews. Thank you to Mark Ridley, Irv Leen and Steve Hale, hospital CEO for the quick response in finding a solution to help in the loss of Ridley’s Grocery Store.

A huge thank you to Governor Otter, Lt. Governor Brad Little, General Richey of ODS and Senator Abby Lee for the help in establishing the Emergency Declaration for Washington County to open doors for the City to receive help from the Incident team and develop a plan to move forward more quickly in getting our streets cleared and evaluation of structures.  Senator Lee has been outstanding in follow the situation and attending meetings to see that Washington County was heard.  Governor Otter, personally attended our special City Council meeting Sunday night along with General Richey.  We appreciate their concern and taking the time to drive over to encourage our community.

We spent the week and weekend meeting with County representatives and the State Idaho Incident Management and Support Team.  The Washington Disaster Services coordinator’s office and the Incident Management team are directing the efforts out of the Courthouse. For ongoing up-to-date information,n a website and Facebook page have been set up, Washington County Disaster Services.

Rays of sunshine: I have been visiting with Steve Domby and plans are in the works. Food-Bimart is overstocking many items and will be having mutiple deliveries on items like milk. Our convenience stores are also stepping up to have more stock on hand. In addition, RIdley’s is already working with a property owner to lease space to put a store in place until the new store can be built which will take approx. a year.

Drugs- Bimart can fill Ridleys prescriptions temporarily through cooperation with the Ridleys in Middleton and computers. You may have to wait a little longer but they are working to provide this service to Weiser residents. Ridleys does plan to open their pharmacy in the old Park-Vu Pharmacy in the near future until the new store is complete.

Fuel oil issues are being addressed through cooperation with Farmers Coop to assure all residents can get the needed oil.

Unfortunately, the weather is causing problems with the recycling center and it will be closed for the next few weeks.  A crew will be cleaning off the top of the center this week too.  The Vendome is also being cleared.

Wastewater Treatment Plant crew will be out this week marking storm drains.  If you see large areas where water is pooling, please notify the office so the area can be checked. The Electric Department is working on marking the locations of transformers and on the ground apparatus. Water Department crew is marking and beginning to dig out fire hydrants that have not been uncovered.  Members of all these departments are still helping with snow removal as well.

Don’t forget the public information town hall meeting on Wednesday, January 25 at 6:30 in the Vendome.  WCDS and the Incident Management team will be available to answer questions and share information at that time.