Feb 21 2017

Repairing Damaged Structures, A Few Tips

Many residents of Weiser have suffered damage to homes and accessory buildings during the brutal winter of 2016-2017. As conditions improve, our thoughts turn to making repairs to and replacing buildings that were damaged or destroyed by snow and floods.

If you are making repairs or contracting with others for their services, please be cautious and do your homework before starting repair and replacement of damaged structures.

When hiring a contractor, please make sure that they are registered with the Idaho Bureau of Licensing (I.B.O.L.) and in good standing. A registration number alone does not prove that a contractor’s registration and insurance is up-to-date.

Get references and take the time check them before you agree to any repairs.

Call Dennis Cooper at (208) 414-1965 if you need contractor registration verification for repairs of a structural nature. We don’t make recommendations, but we can verify registration status and report complaints against a contractor. If you are unsure whether you need to obtain a permit please call Dennis with your questions. He will be happy to make a site visit and help you determine whether proposed repairs need a building permit.

You can look up contractor information yourself at: https://ibol.idaho.gov/IBOL/BoardPage.aspx?Bureau=CON .

Just look under “license and registration search”.

Please be aware that work done without a permit can have serious negative consequences when selling a home. Our building department receives several calls per month from lending institutions about remodeling and repair work. They always ask if:

  1. A building permit is required for the type of work.
  2. Was a building permit obtained?

Unpermitted work can cause lending institutions to reject a property and send potential buyers on to the next property that has the proper permits.

Building Permits:

Any repairs of a structural nature require a building permit if the structure is 200 square feet or greater.

Building permits allow your local building official to make sure that the work being performed is done by businesses that are registered with the Idaho Bureau of Licensing(I.B.O.L.) and in good standing.

Homeowners are allowed to perform their own repairs and or as their own general contractor when hiring sub-contractors to perform work, but building permits are still required for any work of a structural nature on buildings of 200 square feet or greater.
What kind of work is allowed without a building permit?

  • Replacement/repair of doors without changing dimensions
  • Replacement/repair of windows without changing dimensions
  • Replacement/repair of exterior siding
  • Replacement/repair of concrete flat work (sidewalks steps, etc) Public sidewalks must be inspected by the Public Works Department prior to pouring.
  • Replacement/Repair of rain gutters
  • Replacement/Repair of roofs. (This is for replacement of shingles or metal roofing where only one layer of shingles is on the structure and no decking is affected.)

What kind of work requires a building permit?

Any work that requires repair or replacement of structural members of any building in excess of 200 square feet is size.

This includes:

  • Enlargement of headers above exterior doorways and windows
  • Replacement of roof decking
  • Repair/replacement of roof trusses
  • Repair/replacement of floor joists
  • Exterior and interior framing
  • Wall covering/sheet rock replacement on exterior walls of a residence

Electrical and plumbing permits are required by the State of Idaho, Division of Building Safety.