Feb 22 2017

The Mayor’s Corner 02/22/2017

Clean up is on many people’s minds with the winter we’ve been having. The Idaho Department of Environmental Quality (IDEQ) put out a two-sided sheet on Emergency Debris Management in Payette and Washington Counties to “help affected residents safely manage storm debris. Management and disposal options vary depending on the specific type of debris.”
The first area deals with safety and taking appropriate precautions with hazardous materials and possible unstable structures. IDEQ is encouraging businesses and residents to consider reuse and recycling where possible to keep such things as structural timbers, bricks, cinderblock, metal roofing and siding and assorted other materials out of the landfills.
Untreated lumber and timbers can be burned but must be separated from prohibited materials before burning. Before burning, the City Fire Department or Rural Fire Department should be contacted depending on the location of the site and IDEQ office contacted for any burning restrictions.
Materials with asbestos or other hazardous waste may be subject to additional requirements and should be handled under strict regulations which are over seen by the EPA but IDEQ can help answer questions regarding the way to handle these materials.
If hauling debris to the landfill, call ahead to make sure they will accept the waste. Landfills will need to determine how much space they have for the various types of debris. In many cases there will be a cost. This is true of the transfer site, as well. Rather than have the debris have to be moved twice, residents are being encouraged to go directly to the landfill. The nearest landfill is Clay Peak in Payette County. Be sure to call ahead before transporting the debris.
For additional information contact the IDEQ at (208) 373-0550 and Southwest District Health Department (208) 455-5400.
On Wednesday, our City Clerk, City Treasurer and Street Department met with representatives from FEMA as did the County and other taxing districts. The purpose of the meetings was for them to collect data regarding damages and costs of the snow removal incident last month. This data will be relayed to the Governor and his staff to help them determine if an application should be made for a Federal Disaster Declaration. If a Federal Declaration is made, it may open additional doors for those who suffered losses in the snow event. There could be some possible funding for local government as well as some help for state funding.
Great cabin fever breakers coming up: The Elks will be holding a First Responders Dinner on Saturday, Feb. 25. This dinner is to honor those folks who have been there in our emergencies throughout the year but particularly during the last six weeks. This is a great opportunity to thank the many of the folks on the front lines of emergency situations.
Soup is the order of the day every Thursday, at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church through March 23 and Rose Advocates annual ‘Rose Bowl’ will be Thursday, Feb. 23 at the Weiser Community Church. See the details in the Coming Up column of the Signal American.
There is still one more weekend to see the fun musical, The Spitfire Grill, at the Weiser Little Theater. Don’t miss this great production and good food. Coming soon is the Weiser High School musical production that happens every two years. I am sure Mike Turner has another outstanding production for us to enjoy. Watch for more information to come.