Apr 05 2017

The Mayor’s Corner 04/05/2017

Potholes, yep, we definitely have them after the severe winter. City Street crew has already started working on the potholes on Commercial Street and will be working on Park Street this week. They are working on the more heavily traveled streets first and will continue as asphalt is available. There is a high demand for the asphalt so it becomes a matter of waiting for our turn to get more asphalt. We appreciate your caution and patience. 
The Parks Department is gearing up with the rain and warm weather too. Equipment is being serviced and the irrigations systems readied for the season. This is a good time to remind residents of the policies related to reserving and using the City parks and Community Pond. The City does reserve the covered areas at Memorial and City Park, it does not reserve the open areas. However, if a large group of people will be using an area in the park and it may be impacted by scheduled mowing and water, a form needs to be filled out. These forms can be obtained and turned in at the City office. This allows the crews to work with the users. Bounce houses, water slides and other such equipment are not permitted in the City parks or pond area. This protects users and the park areas from damage. By filling out and returning the form, any questions regarding use by large groups can be answered and it helps us notify departments affected by the usage. Again, we do not ‘reserve’ the grassy areas of the park themselves.
When reserving the covered areas, users are asked whether power is needed. If power is used, there is a $10 fee required. The City does not charge for the use of the park as many other cities do, however, users are asked to clean the area when they are finished both in the covered areas and in the open areas for the benefit of the rest of the users. Park crews do not move picnic tables into desired areas, the tables are placed for the benefit of all. If tables are moved, please return them to the original area. The parks are not available for reservations the week prior to Fiddle Fest, during and the week after to allow for setup and cleanup. Park reservations must be made in advance, no later than the Monday of the week before reservation. A reservation form with signature must be on file before reservation is valid. Reservations are accepted from May 1-September 30. There is open use the rest of the year.
If you are a regular user of our parks for walking pets, please remember to use the pet waste bags that were placed in our parks by our 4-Hers to help keep our parks clean. We will be placing a couple of the bag dispensers in the downtown area soon for those who are walking with their pets downtown. Please utilize the bags to help keep the business area clean too. Thanks again to the Washington County 4-H for taking on this project for us all.
If a large group is planning an event in the Community Pond area. Please fill out the paperwork, so crews can make sure the area is clean, trash cans available and restroom cleaned. It also makes it possible to avoid conflict with mowing and spraying.
Don’t forget the Firemen’s Breakfast this Saturday, April 8 from 7-11 am in the Vendome. This is the annual fundraiser for our 4th of July and Christmas fireworks. Stop in, eat and donate. Donations are accepted all year at the City office.