Mar 18 2017

The Mayors Corner 03/15/2017

How great is it to see the weatherman and prognosticators be wrong about the flooding! Thankfully, the flooding expected this past week was not as bad as predicated. Thank you to our emergency service respondents for their diligence in keeping an eye on the rivers. It has been a long winter. I attended a couple of meetings this past week and talked to mayors and legislators from across the state. They were very aware of our situation this winter and happy to see us come through it. Some of the other areas of the state are concerned over spring thaw and the possibility of spring flooding in the north and southeast. Our concerns and prayers are with them as they look at possible devastating flooding over the next month.
Adopt-a-truck is available again Monday-Friday after working hours. It is available on weekends too. Contact the city office for reservations and come in to sign needed forms and receive information regarding procedure. The truck will be dropped off to be filled and picked up the following morning to be dumped. If additional dumping is needed over weekend there is a fee.
Leaves can be placed along the curb for leaf pickup this spring. Please do not put them on top of drains or in alleys. Alley cleanup will start up in a few weeks after the alleys dry up more and people have had a chance to clean yards and gardens. The street sweepers are continuing to run daily to pick up debris and sand after the winter.
I have been asked to remind folks that the WICAP offices have been moved out of downtown and are now located on Hillcrest Road across from Judy’s Weiser Inn. Some people are still bringing their donations and dropping them at the old location next to Weiser Fire Department. This is causing a problem for WICAP and the fire station. Items then have to be picked up and taken to the new office. If you have items to donation, take them to the new location so WICAP doesn’t have to relocate them and please, only leave items that are reusable. Don’t leave junk that can’t be used. Take that on up to the transfer site and save the WICAP folks some headaches and extra trips.
Daylight savings time always brings out lots of pros and cons, although I have heard more cons than pros so far. It is definitely dark in the morning and we have more people out walking, running and biking as the weather improves. If you are a morning walker, runner or biker, please remember to wear light clothing that can be seen by drivers. Dark clothing is very dangerous this time of year. There is some great reflective clothing to keep everyone safe.
NOTFC is having a St. Patty’s concert Friday, March 17 at the Vendome to bring the community together after a tough winter. The doors open at 6 p.m. and the concert begins at 7 p.m. The concert is free and there are beverages to be purchased and snacks. Any money raised is going toward the purchase of a new stage set up for the NOTFC and to be shared with the Vendome and WHS.
Don’t forget the annual St. Patrick’s Day dinner this Sunday, March 19th at St. Agnes Catholic Church. This is always a great roast beef dinner with lots of homemade desserts. The dinner runs from 11-3 p.m.
Happy St. Patrick’s Day and don’t forget to wear your green.