Mar 29 2017

The Mayor’s Corner 03/29/2017

The Weiser Area Chamber of Commerce had a guest speaker at the last meeting from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). The topic was timely because the BBB representative spoke regarding scams currently in the valley. She also shared a flyer entitled ‘Notice-Be Cautious of Storm Chasers’ regarding repair companies that show up after a storm or hard winter like we have had. Many of the warnings go right along with those our building department gave a couple of weeks ago but I want to repeat them. These come directly from the BBB.
1)Find businesses you can trust at 2) Resist high pressure sales and hasty decisions, 3) Ask contractors for identification and permits. 4) Get at least three estimates in writing, be wary of very low estimates. 5) Have all estimates and contracts in writing. 6) Check on local permits are before work begins. 7) Check on liability insurance (theirs and yours). 8) Don’t pay in full, until the work is completed to your satisfaction. 9) Pay by credit care, if possible, for further protection. 10) Be wary regarding work in places you can’t see (roof, attic, duct, etc.) For more information contact the BBB.
You can call the City Building Inspector as well. Remember to make sure that a building permit has been obtained, if needed, before beginning any work as stated in number six above. If you are not sure if a permit is needed, contact Dennis Cooper, building inspector, at the City office or on his cell phone, 550-1938. He will also help with other questions regarding project requirements.
It is that time of year again to remind residents of Open Burning regulations. Opening burning is permitted during daylight hours from 8am to 6pm, seven days a week when wind conditions are calm. If air quality would dictate closure of open burning, the fire chief will issue a news release. There are some guidelines for burning: 1) Burning is open for small fires of yard/garden debris and branches, no burning of fresh cut grass; 2) This time is not intended to burn down unwanted structures, melt plastic off metal, to burn tires, garbage or dead animals; 3) Fires must be 20 ft. from any structures, a water source must be available and the fire must be attended. Do not burn in alley rights-of-way. 4) Be respectful of neighbors; 5) Notify dispatch at 414-2121 giving name, address, phone number and ignition time. This helps to keep fire crews from being dispatched unnecessarily; 6) Fire pits, fire rings, fire chimneys, and recreational fires are allowed if commercially made with screens, with a 20 ft. radius from buildings. A water source should be available and the fire should be attended. If you have any questions contact the Chief or assistant at 414-1483 or 642-0357. For questions regarding burning in the county contact the Weiser Rural Fire Department, 414-2379.
Spring vacation means lots of people gone this week. After the rough winter, folks have headed to the Oregon Coast and have gone south for some sun. Crews are using this time to fix some larger projects. Water Department will be replacing a fire hydrant at Pioneer School that was a victim of the snow removal at the school. A sinking area on West 8th and Pioneer will also be dug up and repaired. Potholes will continue to be a priority for the Street Department as we are able to get asphalt. Lots of work to get done after the heavy winter. Drive carefully in these areas and watch for kids walking and biking.
Don’t forget the Annual Weiser Chamber of Commerce Dinner and Auction this Saturday, April 1 in the Vendome. Great food and items to bid on.