Apr 12 2017

The Mayor’s Corner 04/12/2017

Street crews are still waiting for asphalt to continue the work on potholes. Areas in need of repair have been marked along Park Street and are next in line. If you were driving down Pioneer Street last week, you may have noticed work being done at the corner of W. 8th and Pioneer. The curb and street had a parting of ways. The crew investigated the cause of the small sinking area and located an old wooden septic tank that had not been removed. I’m not sure how old it was but must have been part of the old homestead in that area. They were able to get the curb repaired and are waiting asphalt to finish the project.
The Wastewater Treatment Plant crew will have the jetter truck out for the next couple of weeks. They get out at least once or twice a year on the system to flush out the lines to help eliminate odors from building up and helping to cut down of erosion of pipes. Some areas of town require more jetting due to the commercial properties and areas of high concentration of residences. Watch for the crews and signs as they work across town. Drive carefully in the area.
Electric Department has continued to remove limbs from around the power lines to avoid damage during the wind storms. If you have limbs that are interfering with power lines contact the office and someone will check them out. Remember the cable companies also have service lines running from the poles, but our crews are removing limbs from power lines.
Last year, I partnered with Stevens-Henager College to make two scholarships available to deserving, college bound individuals. I again have two scholarships available to give during 2017. The Annual Mayor’s Choice Scholarships are given by mayors in cities located near a ground campus or in a region where Independence University recruits students. The Mayor’s Choice Associate’s Scholarship award is for $15,000 for someone interested in pursuing an associate’s degree program and the Mayor’s Choice Bachelor’s Scholarship is for $25,000 for someone working toward a bachelor’s degree in an approved program. The scholarships are for tuition only. Both degrees have to be pursued at Stevens-Henager and the recipients must be individuals residing in the Mayor’s city or town. The recipients must use the scholarships beginning the year the scholarship is awarded. For more information regarding the scholarships contact Ross Hoffman, Assistant Director of Admissions at the Nampa Campus or stop in to see me and I will share the information I have. I would love to see someone be able to utilize this opportunity if they are considering going back to school or beginning a new step in their lives.
The City’s sympathy and prayers go out to the family of Julie Kerner on her passing. Julie was another outstanding member of the Weiser Community that gave of herself to so many organizations and projects. Her love of her family and kids led to her involvement for many years in the 4-H and FAA programs in our area as well as many other projects including Weiser Memorial Hospital. She tirelessly shared her many talents with many of us. She will be missed.
Easter always brings many activities in our local churches as well as throughout the community. The Ole’s Men’s Social Club had another successful egg scramble last weekend in spite of the dreary weather. Baskets, eggs and planes were everywhere. The Annual Community Egg Hunt will be this Saturday at noon at the Nazarene Church on Indianhead Road. Children ages 0-10 will have areas to hunt for eggs filled with candy and treats. Thanks to all the groups providing these fun times for our kids. Enjoy your Easter family time.