Aug 28 2017

The Mayor’s Corner 08/02/2017

As you heard and read in the media, there was a small number of mosquitoes carrying the West Nile virus trapped at the Bass Pond located west of the City. On Friday, July14th the City office was notified that the mosquitoes were found at the City Community Pond so we took action and placed larvacide in the pond. On Monday, Southwest District Health notified us that the mosquitoes were misidentified and were actually found at the Bass Pond and no infected mosquitoes were found at the Community Pond or City parks up to this time. Regardless, the City will continue our periodic spraying of our parks and pond for mosquitoes until the fall hoping to make it more comfortable for residents and visitors.

Knowing infected mosquitoes have been found across the valley, Southwest District Health encourages residents to take some very simple precautions:

1) Cover up exposed skin when you are outdoors; 2) Apply insect repellent containing DEET to your exposed skin and clothing. Follow instructions on the product label, especially for children under 12;

3) Avoid mosquitoes when they are most active at dawn and dusk. There are additional precautions to take for your home and animals and you can pick up a “Fight the Bite” handout at Southwest District Health office, City Hall and several other businesses around town for more information.

Most people bitten by an infected mosquito do not become ill, however, we all know of family or friends who have become very ill from the infection so please take precautions when outdoors.

Another scam has hit our area. We received a call from one of our rate payers indicating they were being ‘harassed’ by a caller representing themselves as an Idaho Power employee and threatening the business due to ‘none payment’. Residents who live in the majority of Weiser City limits are not users of Idaho Power services so do not be fooled by these calls. Some residents, such as those in the Valley View subdivision are Idaho Power customers but be sure to check out these callers with official Idaho Power offices. If you are unsure of your power provider contact the City offices but do not give out any personal information to these scam callers.

Last week was a busy week for night meetings at the Vendome. A nice sized group of interested people met on Tuesday to hear from representatives discussing recycling and the need to develop a more sustainable program in the county. On Wednesday, we had good input from those living along the W. 9th Street bridge, curb and gutter, street realignment project. The project is in development and is scheduled to take place in 2019 and should resolve several issues in that area as well as providing sidewalk from Indianhead to Pioneer. Thursday, the Eclipse Committee provided the plan for activities during the Eclipse event. Attendees were given a list of activities and a map to show the times and locations of the various events and plans for parking and transportation. Posters are being placed around town showing the events, their time and locations for everyone’s information. The time is fast approaching and will be over before we know it.

Enjoy the first Farmers’ Market at the Depot this Thursday and don’t miss the end of the fair, Rose Advocates Golf Tournament and the Court Street Cruise this Saturday. What ever you interest, there is something going on in the area this week.

The City would like to extend our sympathy to the family of long time City employee, Frank Rast, who past away last week after a long battle with cancer. Frank was in charge of our City shop for many years and kept the City ‘running and humming’. We will miss seeing the latest car project he is working on.