Aug 28 2017

The Mayor’s Corner 08/16/2017

The Four County Art Guild came up with a great new self-guided art walking tour of Weiser, They are teaming up with local businesses to display artwork from local artists. Many of these works of art are also for sale. A map is available from local businesses and the tour is a great way to spend whatever time you would like to take enjoying the businesses, their wares and the art. Downtown locations include: Weiser Classic Candies, Ruszoni’s Pizza, Marbella Pottery, Wine Microbrew bar, Weiser Public Library, Legends on Main, Zion’s Bank, Weiser Senior & Community Center and Columbia Bank. Second Chance along Hwy 95 is also a venue to drive to visit. Thanks for putting together another great activity for the community. We have some amazing artists. Be sure to enjoy the artwork when you are in the businesses even if you don’t take the whole tour.

Well, the Eclipse Event is here. Make sure you have plenty of food and gas. This is a good time to start that walking program we have all promised to start. If you can leave your vehicle at home that is probably a good plan as traffic will probably increase daily for the next week. The weekend is going to require a lot of patience and forgiveness. Enjoy the experience since it won’t happen again like this. Be safe.

The Airport is expecting approximately 118 planes to stay at or visit the airport over the Eclipse weekend. There is limited camping for pilots and their passengers. Activities will be taking place at the airport for those visitors on Sunday and Monday and a shuttle will be bringing some of those folks into town Sunday afternoon. On Monday, watch the skies as the planes begin to leave following the eclipse . It is estimated that the planes will be leaving at 3 minute intervals beginning at 12:30 pm. At this pace, it will take approximately 5 hours and 45 minutes for those planes planning to leave on Monday to be gone. Some pilots may choose to stay until Friday. The highway and roads will be busy so do not try to drive to watch but keep your eye on the skies.

Those of you who have been with me since the beginning of my term know about my friend, Lyle Hill, sending me little notes, jokes, quips, magazines, recipes or stories each month with one to be opened each Monday. He has been faithful to send these over the last 5½ years. They always give me a lift and I get to share them with others. This past week he send an article entitled “Don’t You Wish You Knew Everything!” Now we all know someone who thinks they do but these tidbits are interesting so I am going to share a few over the next few weeks, some you may actually know but I’m guessing not all. Here goes: 1) “A goldfish has a memory span of three seconds.” I(think I know some people who fall into that category too.) 2) “A crocodile cannot stick out its tongue.” 3) “A cat has 32 muscles in each ear.”(I wonder what government grants paid for those studies.) Interesting.

Enjoy all the activities this weekend and the eclipse. Be patient and safe.