Sep 19 2017

The Mayor’s Corner 09/13/2017

The City continues to get letters and emails saying thank you for the good time they had at the Eclipse Event. The efforts of the committee and volunteers paid on in good will for sure.

The Street Department continues to work on ADA ramp replacements along W. Main Street. They expect to pour concrete toward the end of this week on the first ramps completed. Work will continue west on Main Street. Please continue to drive carefully in the area.

Electric Department recently had City power poles around the community inspected for safety as some have been in place for a number of years. Replacement of those found to be in poorer condition began this week and will continue throughout the fall till the project is completed. As the poles are replaced, outages will be scheduled and residents notified.

The Water Department is working on restructuring one of the levies by the water plant on Mortimer’s Island. The levy has been eroding gradually and last winter it took additional hits with the flooding. The City received the okay to move ahead to improved the levy to protect the area around the plant.

Last Friday was the deadline for filing for Council elections in November. Seven candidates have filed their declarations and will be on the ballot. Please take time over the next two months to learn about the candidates, their background, experience and hopes for our City’s future. Voting will take place on Tuesday, November 7 at regular polling places. If you live in the City of Weiser, make sure you are registered to vote. Any questions regarding registration should be addressed to the Washington County Clerk’s office, 208-414-2092.

Our country has suffered some unbelievable disasters over the last year. The remembrance this Monday of the terrorists’ attack on our county on September 11, 2001 reminded me again of the men and women who serve as first res ponders to disasters. They put their lives on the line to protect life and property across our country. I so appreciate those who sign up and serve to stand for us. We will not forget!

We sometimes don’t mention our local and national forest firefighters in this group and I wanted to say thank you to these men and women as well. The Northwest has been and continues to be in harm’s way due to natural disaster and from the sheer stupidity of human choice. The firefighters have fought in unbelievable temperatures to save property and lives. Unfortunately, our forest have been allowed to become unhealthy and fire is many times the result. Thank you to these men and women and their families and to the families of those lost during these fires.

A couple more pieces of trivia from Lyle Hill: Our eyes are always the same size from birth, but our nose and ears never stop growing. (I know some folks whose nose grows proportionately to their fish stories, I think.) Babies are born without kneecaps. They don’t appear until the child reaches 2 to 6 years of age. (Which might mean we need to spend more time on our knees after 6 to make up for lost time.)

Fall sports are in full swing, so get out and support your favorite team and players. Check our local news media for the schedules. Hopefully, the smoke is gone to eliminate the need for changes.