Oct 30 2017

Mayor’s Corner 10/11/2017

I want to thank Beth and the residents at Kindred Care Center for the cups of goodies they put together for our firefighters. According to Beth, idea came from her experience when she was working back east. She wanted to do something for the 9/11 anniversary to let local firefighters know they are appreciated. The residents put together 10 cups of candy and surprises along with a card thanking them and delivered the items to the firehouse Monday, September 11. What a thoughtful gift.
On October 11 before their drill between 4:30 and 5:00, the firefighters will be visiting Kindred and walking thought the dining hall to thank them for the cups. Thank you, Kindred residents.
The City has received lots of questions about the progress of the Ridley’s building. Unfortunately, we have not received any information from the Ridley management about the plans for the rebuilding of their facility. Yes, we too have heard lots of theories and “rumors” but nothing official has come to us. We have received no permit requests or plans that would require any action on our part. We are waiting too. What the City has done, is make contact with Ridley’s asking some resolution to the blockage of the streets before winter hits again. The current decision is totally in the hands of the company. Hopefully, whatever is delaying the decision on the replacement of the building will be resolved soon. I feel our residents have been very patient and the City and hospital have tried to help and accommodate after the building fell, but it is time to move forward to provide a better facility for shopping in Weiser. Along with the employees, we need to have more information and a straight forward plan.
A special presentation was made at the regular City Council meeting Tuesday to Chris Hagans, School Resource officer(SRO) who will retire from service this week. Chris began working for the City of Weiser in 1993 and has worked in many capacities ending his career as SRO and regular officer. We appreciate Chris’ time with the City and his work with the schools and kids in Weiser. Thank you, Officer Hagans, enjoy your retirement.
I want to take a minute and send our sympathies to the family of Shirley Attebery. Shirley and I spent lots of time debating issues in Washington County over the years. I loved her spirit and respected her tenaciousness in resolving issues with the Weiser River Trail. I always considered her my friend and have missed seeing her as he dealt with her illness. Thank you to her sister, Patti, and her family for the hours Shirley gave to her causes and to the residents of Washington County and the City of Weiser. I will miss her and her smile.
Lots of good items in the Coming Up column again this week in Weiser. Don’t miss out on the action at the Fred Hust Rodeo Arena this weekend as the youth show their stuff again. There is a quilt show at the Snake River Heritage Center October 13 and 14. The Chamber Annual Awards dinner is on Monday, October at the Vendome. Come and honor the outstanding citizens of our community. Contact the Chamber office for tickets.
Another Lyleism: 1) It’s impossible to sneeze with your eyes open. (Give it a try.) 2) There are more chickens than people in the world; (Particularly since people are back to eating fresh, free range eggs.); and 3) There are 293 ways to make change for a dollar. (Now there is one to test for accuracy.)
Enjoy the fall weather and colors.