Dec 22 2017

The Mayor’s Corner 11/08/2017

There is lots of speculation about this winter and the possible return of the “snowpocalypse”. However, some of us are still waiting to finish repairs from last winter’s impact. One of our local small businesses, Linda Roundtree from Arrow Creek Clothing, wanted to share information regarding the Small Business Administration’s (SBA) ‘Economic Injury Disaster Loans’.
Washington and Payette counties along with the contiguous counties of Adams, Canyon and Gem Counties in Idaho and Baker and Malheur Counties in Oregon are under a “declared disaster”. The small businesses in these counties qualify for lower interest loans to deal with damages caused by the declared disaster. The interest rate is determined by formulas set by law and is fixed for the life of the loan. The maximum interest rate for this program is 4 percent.
The loan terms are up to a maximum of thirty (30) years. SBA determines an appropriate installment payment based on the financial condition of each borrower, which in turn will determine the loan term. The actual amount of each loan is limited to the economic injury as determined by the agency. The loans cannot exceed $2,000,000 and any insurance is taken in to consideration.
Linda indicated the paperwork is not too difficult and she is willing to help anyone who is considering sending in an application. The final date is January 29, 2018 and it takes from 20-24 days to complete the process. Additional information is available on line at the SBA website under the Economic Injury Disaster Loans. If you are a small business or small agricultural cooperative without credit available elsewhere, I would encourage you to check this out.
Winter does mean the possibility of snow. Sunday’s snow made us all shudder a little. The City Departments are continuing to meet to evaluate what might make for smoother snow removal if we get hit again. At the department heads meeting on Monday, more ideas were shared about possible ways to communicate about street plowing and also setting up 24-hour rotations with equipment and personnel with two teams each working 12 hour shifts during a heavy storm. We continue to look for ways to improve the service.
Weiser City offices will be closed on Friday, November 10 and will reopen Monday, November 13 at 8 am. We take a day each year to recognize the service of our Veterans. Veterans’ Day celebrates the service of all U.S. Military veterans while Memorial Day honors those who died while in Military service. Armed Forces Day which is celebrated in May, too, specifically honors those currently serving in the U.S. Military. We choose to honor our Veterans by allowing employees the day off. Thank you to all our Veterans and their families for their service and sacrifice on behalf of our country.
Weiser School District will be in school but will be having special assemblies to honor and recognize our veterans on Friday. Check with each school for specific times for their celebrations. Thank you, too, to the Veterans that donate their time to our schools to keep the meaning of Veterans’ Day alive.
Hope you have your tickets for the current production of the Weiser Little Theater, My Three Angels. It is another fun play with good food. Don’t miss it.