Dec 22 2017

The Mayor’s Corner 11/15/2017

The City is again saddened by the loss of a long-time member of our family. Our Recreation Department assistant, Jeannie Bates, passed away this weekend. I often referred to Jeannie as the ‘enforcer’ for the Rec program. She spent lots of hours overseeing kids’ and adults’ programs in the gyms and handling registration for the many programs our Rec Department sponsors. She will be greatly missed. Our sympathy and prayers go out to her family and many, many friends.
This past week, representatives from the City met with representatives from Ridley’s to hear the plans for the replacement of the local store. The City was officially notified that the company plans to rebuilt a much large store on E. 6th Street south of Bi-Mart. The current store had over 3000 square feet and the new store is expected to have closed to 5500 square feet and will include hardware. The City was ensured it will be a state of the art store with many new amenities.
The timeline is open due to the unknown weather but the company wants to move as quickly as feasible. They are currently working on the final plans and will present them to the City for permits when they are completed. The current building will be demolished and the lot cleared for possible sale to another business in the future.
The company has already responded to the City’s request to remove obstacles on E. 2nd and is working to resolve the obstructions on Liberty Street between State Street and E. 1st. The City will continue to work with Ridley’s to help the project proceed as quickly as weather, state laws and agencies, and current ordinances allow. There is a legal process that must be followed as well as outside agencies such as Idaho Transportation Department that have input and control over certain aspects of the process that must be included. Ridley’s employees were notified about the plans as well and I know they are excited to see the store moving forward. Ridley’s representatives expressed appreciation to the employees, residents, the hospital and the City for their patience and cooperation as they have worked through the process.
The Street and Parks Departments continue to work on leaf pick-up and alley cleanup. Please remember to place leaves in the street not in the alley. The leaves are taken to the transfer site and added to their composting pile. Alley cleanup debris is disposed of differently so it needs to be separated. The crews will continue to work as weather and time allow. These crews are also responsible for putting up Christmas decorations this next week so there will be a break in some of the cleanup as they switch to Christmas gears and then back to the alleys.
The RV dump at the old Park Street Market site will be closed this week for the winter. The water will be shut off and the dump locked down until next spring.
The Electric Department will complete work on the W. 9th Street area this week. They will be pulling the transformer from the Ridley’s property before demolition begins.
Don’t forget the arts and crafts bazaar at the Vendome on Friday and Saturday. The bazaar is sponsored by the Friends of the Library and the Four County Art Guild. There are always lots of great Christmas ideas.
Congratulations to Lloyd Marks on his retirement as sexton at the Hilcrest Cemetery. Lloyd helped make the transition from a city cemetery to a district cemetery and has cared for the cemetery since 2003. Have a great retirement, Lloyd, thank you for your dedication.