Dec 22 2017

The Mayor’s Corner 12/20/2017

The leaf machine has been retired for the winter and maintenance work is being done on it. I hope we got most of the leaves. Alleys should have had their fall cleaning as well. There are still a few alleys to be graded but most fall maintenance has been completed by the Street Department and we have been placing mag chloride and sand on some of the corners and intersections to make sure equipment is ready to go when the snow flies.
The article in last week’s Signal about the work being done to prevent flooding on the Weiser River emphasizes the ongoing problems with the accumulation of silt and gravel and the erosion of the banks of the Weiser and Snake Rivers. The crew at the Water plant has been addressing the same issues along the Mortimer’s Island area. They are currently building up the levy on what is called the Laird Property. The goal is to increase the levy so it does not flood and wash in behind the plant and across the access road to the plant. We had some flooding last year and want to avoid a repeat as much as possible. The City has been able to find fill dirt to begin to build the levy but are still looking for dirt that might be used for this purpose. If you have a large amount of dirt from building or excavation to be disposed of, give Bill Taylor a call at the Water plant and he can determine if it could be used in the levy and we might be able to move it for you.
The Water crew is also working with the Soil Conservation office on a grant to shear up the banks east of the Water Plant. Vicki Lukehart at the Soil Conservation office has been working for several years to help us find grant money to help with a solution to improve bank stability and reduce the widening of the river using rock, rock weirs and barbs. Because of Vicki’s work and connections, the City has been awarded a $50,000 grant to find the necessary solution and they are currently working to find the best and easiest answer that is acceptable to the Idaho Department of Resources, Army Corp of Engineers and the Department of Environmental Quality. Your can see it takes a highly coordinated effort.
The City is also currently working on applying for grant money to enhance East Galloway Street to provide a safer path to Weiser Middle School and Park School as well as looking for funding to provide sidewalk to the high school. There are a couple of new funding sources as a result of the Surplus Eliminator funded during the legislative session. There will be lots of competition for the funding but we will keep trying.
Christmas is here and the weather is certainly not looking like it but I’ll take it. Don’t forget the Christmas dinner being served at the Senior/Community Center on Christmas Day by the C.O.P.s. The dinner is free and is a service provided by another great group of community volunteers.
Merry Christmas to everyone. May you have a blessed day with family and friends.