Jan 04 2018

Fire Prevention Specialist/Firefighter/Fire Station Manager

The City of Weiser is currently accepting applications for A



Under general supervision of the City Fire Chief, including but not limited to; being active as a Firefighter, inspection for the prevention purpose; assist in coordinating public fire education programs; perform related administrative, station and apparatus maintenance; assist in training; on call duty officer (when Chief feels they have enough training and experience). Job description may be altered, amended as Chief deems necessary. Employee may be required to transfer to another City departments as needed and/ or directed by the Mayor or City Manager.

Physical: CONTINUOUS or FREQUENT/OCCASIONAL walking, climbing, standing, sitting, bending and stooping, twisting at the waist, side to side. Lifting/carrying/pulling objects weighing up to approximately 75lbs.

INFREQUENT squatting, crawling, working in confined spaces, kneeling, balance above ground, working on ladders and roofs, and off aerial device, and or any other firefighting skills as needed. WEARING turnouts/ wild land PPE, (personal, protective, equipment) SCBA, (self contained breathing apparatus).

ENVIRONMENT: Exposure to extreme cold, heat, extreme heat of fires, temperature swings from indoors to outdoors, extreme noise of fire alarms and fire alarm testing, working both indoors and outdoors, extreme humidity while working outdoors, mechanical hazards of heavy equipment and various machinery, explosive hazards of blasting operations; fumes and odors of smoke. Flammable liquids, gas, hazardous materials; dust of constructions sites and fire scenes, toxic substances.

WORK SCHEDULE: 38-hour biweekly work period, with unscheduled breaks/lunch periods. Extended fire operations or mandatory training exceeding 19 per hours week will be taken the following week hour for hour, attending but not limited to two drills a month. Work is performed in the office and at various other indoor/outdoor locations with or without protection from the weather. Work environment is formal team oriented, with both variable and routine tasks. Work is frequently fast paced, labor intensive and high-pressured.


  • Daily cleaning of the fire station and apparatus cleaning and preventive maintenance. Washing turnouts, ect.

  • Establish and maintain effective working relationships with Chief, and other employees, staff and the public.

  • Inspections of institutions, industries, retail establishments, motels, apartments and condominium complexes, service stations, schools, hospitals, nursing and convalescent units, and other establishments to secure compliance with with codes and regulation pertaining to fire safety.

  • Shall participate in Emergency/Non-Emergency Incidents and Drills, involving the protection of life safety and property or any part there of as assigned and respond to the site of an incident and assist in the mitigation of such incidents.

  • Operate City owned equipment.

  • Performs related work as requested or required.



High School Diploma or G.E.D.

Valid Idaho State Drivers License (CDL class A or B, Optional)

Idaho State Fire Code Official Certification (within 1 year or sooner of employment)


One year of experience in the fire service.

Firefighter I, II, III.


Applications are available Monday>Friday 8:00AM-5:00PM at Weiser City Hall or cityofweiser.com.

The City of Weiser is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Posting: Open Until Filled.