Feb 13 2018

The Mayor’s Corner 01/10/2018

Three new council members were sworn in at the regular meeting of the Weiser City Council, Monday, January 8. Now the learning and work begin for our two newer members. Both Council person Cavazos and Hibberd had already taken advantage of a full day of training put on by the Association of Idaho Cities last month and are eager to learn. Thank you to those who came to the meeting to share the moment for these two public servants.
The ongoing calm weather is allowing our departments to catch up on maintenance in the water and wastewater plant. Both crews are also testing and repairing equipment. The Electric Department continues to work on trimming limbs away from power lines. They are also replacing and upgrading equipment. This Wednesday there is a planned outage in the area of W. 1st and W. 2nd on Gladhart and Lloyd Ave. Residents will receive notification and the outage is expected to last from 10:00 am until approximately 1:00 pm. The warmer weather will allow the work to be done without much inconvenience to residents. If you have a concern be sure to contact the office.
As you may have seen in other media reports, recycling across our country is taking a hit. Many of the markets that have purchased recycled materials in the past are cutting back or refusing to accept recycling. Our local recycle center is currently not accepting plastics for recycling, no matter what number it is. Part of the ongoing problem is people are putting all kinds of plastic in the bins and the plastic has to be sorted locally at a cost or they are charged by the company purchasing the plastic to have it sorted. The plastic recycling then becomes an expense which the center cannot afford. Some say, “Well, it’s the right thing to do even if it costs.” That sounds good, but someone has to pay the piper. A simple solution is for users to follow the rules, that’s a pretty easy solution. Unfortunately, those of us who appreciate having the recycling, pay the cost by not being able to keep the items out of the landfill. The volunteer organizations that have run the Center want to continue the service but lack of cooperation and inconsideration from some of the public make it near impossible. Come on, folks, step up and follow the rules at the Recycling Center so it can continue to exist.
Another valley wide problem that has been reported in the media is vehicles that are left running and unlocked on these cold morning. There have been reports of several vehicles stolen under these circumstances. We have not had any stolen locally this year, but we have in the past. Please make sure you have an extra key to lock your vehicle if you leave it running and NEVER leave a child in a running vehicle or in a car in this cold weather. Protect our children in this cold weather.
A reminder that City offices will be closed on Monday, January 15 for observance of Martin Luther King Day. Payments may be left in the drop box across the street and the office will open at 8:00 am on Tuesday, January 16.
If you are traveling out of town this time of year, make sure you have emergency provisions if you have car trouble. Any make sure someone knows where you are going and your route. Stay safe in the cold temperatures and check on you neighbors.