Feb 13 2018

The Mayor’s Corner 01/17/2018

“Remember last year.” We’ve all heard those words or said those words over the last few weeks. Now I am hearing, “Boy, we sure need some snow in the mountains.” ‘In the mountains’ is the important part of that.
With the milder temperatures, our departments continue to do maintenance in the plants. The Electric Department is continuing the trimming of trees away from lines around town. They are also replacing transformers on the west side of town. This Thursday they will be dong a scheduled outage in the alley between W. 1st and W. 2nd on Gladhart and Lloyd Avenue. The outage is planned for 10:00 am until 2:00 pm. Residents will be notified if they are impacted. Thanks for your patience and cooperation.
Department heads will be attending a meeting at the Vendome on Wednesday, January 17 with the County Emergency Management team lead by Tony Buthman. This will be the opportunity for all the agencies to come together to upgrade the current management plan and address any recent events and concerns. We appreciate being part of this effort. As we found out in 2017, there is always something to learn and cooperation between agencies is imperative.
Just some reminders with the cold weather and it may still be coming. These suggestions come by way of the Portland Water Bureau. Make sure the water supply to outdoor faucets is off, then drain the water from each. Insulate pipes that are exposed to cold air. Wrap them with foam insulation or, in a pinch, wrap them with fabric or newspaper, then cover with tape. When the temperature is below freezing, open sink cabinets to keep plumbing warm. Turn on a faucet at a slow trickle to keep water moving through the system. Remember too, if you see water bubbling in the street, call the City office immediately, so the City can respond.
With the winter rains we have been having, flooding around your home is a possibility. To protect your home, remember to; 1) Check your gutters and clear them of leaves and debris. Caulk leaks and holes and make sure the gutters are tilted to direct water to downspouts and have no low or sagging spots. 2) Check your downspouts. Make sure they are unclogged and either connected to the standpipe, or directing water away from your home and your neighbor’s property. 3) Check for drainage. Make sure the ground, driveway and any paved patios drain away from the building foundation. I know we have had issues at our house in the past with window wells so check for leakage there and watch for cracking in the foundation that may allow water to enter. If you are unable to check these areas yourself, contact a neighbor, friend or local handy man to help. Do not put yourself in danger.
Even if there is no snow, we find things to work on to keep us safe. We are watching others in our country suffer through snow events and flooding and can certainly identify with their struggles particularly after last year. Keep them in your prayers and thoughts.
Don’t forget the dinner this Saturday at the Vendome for the Weiser High School Band. I am sure there are still tickets for the two settings. Check the Signal for more information and keeping up on what’s going on.