Feb 13 2018

The Mayor’s Corner 01/31/2018

I had the opportunity to attend meetings last week with the Association of Idaho Cities and our legislators. Each year cities meet with the legislature to talk about what the session may bring that will impact us. Counties do the same thing in February. We all try to work to find solutions to issues from water to taxes to services.
House Speaker Bedke and Senate Majority Leader Winder informed us about major issues coming this year. Changes to the federal tax laws and Idaho’s conformity to those laws is one of the first issues to be addressed as well as addressing the gap population for the state’s uninsured. Public Education is always a big piece of the budget discussion along with the Department of Corrections.
Since this is an election year, the topics get narrowed down to make sure the legislature adjourns a little earlier and to keep some very controversial topics out of the election discussions which is too bad in some ways.
Funding of our Magistrate Courts has been an issue I have been working on with other City mayors, County Commissioners and the Courts. Our goal has been to find a sustainable funding source that will provide services for all residents across Idaho no matter the size of the County or City. This type of collaborative work with local governments is the best way for us to serve all residents no matter where they live. Last winter’s snow event showed how important working together without feeling we had to protect territory. I appreciate working hand in hand with the Washington County Commissioners to solve problems. Commissioner Chandler and I had an opportunity to talk about the recycling dilemma as well as other joint projects.
The WPD has been working with the Weiser School District to improve safety for our kids who ride the school buses. Remember to stop when buses stop and arms are extended. Even if you see no arms be cautious. Officers and drivers are watching for drivers who disregard the law.
Our Street Department will be out over the next week working on potholes and replacing an ADA ramp on W. 9th and Pioneer that didn’t weather the weather this year. Watch for signs as they work. They will also be replacing street and information signs throughout town where needed over the next several months.
If the mild winter continues, the Wastewater crew will be doing more jetting on the sewer pipes around town. They are also able to get some needed maintenance done in the lab area of the plant.
This weekend will be busy again in Weiser. The Weiser Area Chamber of Commerce picked up the torch to have a winter break. This Friday from 5:30-9:00 pm they will hold a Winter Carnival in the Vendome. This will replace the Cabin Fever Night that was sponsored by Park School in the past. The school has decided to do other fun raisers so the Chamber decided to begin an annual Winter Carnival which includes games and good. Stop in before or after your visit to the Community Church’s Groundhog feed which runs from 4-7:30 pm or you can stop by for lunch from 11-1:30. Don’t forget St. Luke’s Episcopal Church’s free soup lunch each Thursday from 11-1:30. This is will continue throughout the Lenten Season until March 8. Lots of good food available with the good weather.