Feb 13 2018

The Mayor’s Corner 02/07/2018

For the past nine years the City of Weiser has had beautiful flowing hanging flowers adorning the downtown area. The project was the brain child of Linda Roundtree and other V.I.B.E. volunteers. Their purpose was to provide a more inviting business environment downtown which it definitely has. V.I.B.E has worked with the City and Weiser High School’s FFA organization to grow, place and maintain the plants. As time as progressed the number of volunteers has decreased and the care and maintenance has fallen on Linda and her helper, mainly Alan. I visited with Linda about beginning to transition from the hanging baskets to planters along the sidewalk. This would be much easier to water and maintain the flowers themselves. We will continue to look at the possibility to change beginning this spring and may begin with a few planters and add more as money allowed. Just a heads up so businesses and residents are not surprised with the transition. Thanks to Linda and V.I.B.E. for continuing to look for ways to enhance our downtown business area.
At the regular City Council meeting on February 12, I will be doing the State of the City which will be a recap of 2017. We all remember the snow event and the Eclipse but we need to look back at all the other services the City provided during 2017. As we look back, I think we have all forgotten some of the many positive things that happened.
On Saturday, February 10, the District 9 legislators have set time from 2-3 pm in City Council Chambers to hold a townhall meeting to bring residents up-to-date on what has and is occurring in the legislature this year. Come down and hear what is on the legislators list of priorities and ask questions about your concerns. Entrance will be through the Rec. Department door. I know Senator Lee and Representative Kerby and Boyle would like the opportunity to visit with their constituents.
We continue to get more and more questions regarding the status of the Ridley’s Store. The City has received no further information or plans on their new store. Our staff and engineers have been ready to proceed as soon as possible but have no information about plans or timelines. We had hoped to be able to gradually get the needed permits and process going and now hope it doesn’t become a crunch time request. There is a process that is required and will be followed when we get started but at this time the City has no information to proceed on. Just wanted to bring everyone up-to-date from our side.
Kudos this week to the Weiser Area Chamber of Commerce on a successful first annual Winter Carnival. The crowd grew as the evening progressed and the kids in particular seemed to be having a good time. Keith Bryant’s ‘Mac ‘n Cheese’ looked like a popular spot. Thanks for filling the gap and giving the community a winter break.
Kudos also to the Cheerleading coaches and team for a successful weekend. I appreciate being able to watch the videos online. It is fun to’ be there’ when I can’t ‘be there”. Keep it up, ladies. Kudos to the WHS Robotics team for a great year of competition and activities. Our kids are very lucky to have so many opportunities to take part in.