Oct 03 2017

Weiser City Police

CARL SMITH, Chief of Police




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Chief Carl Smith

Sep 19 2017

The Mayor’s Corner 09/13/2017

The City continues to get letters and emails saying thank you for the good time they had at the Eclipse Event. The efforts of the committee and volunteers paid on in good will for sure.

The Street Department continues to work on ADA ramp replacements along W. Main Street. They expect to pour concrete toward the end of this week on the first ramps completed. Work will continue west on Main Street. Please continue to drive carefully in the area.

Electric Department recently had City power poles around the community inspected for safety as some have been in place for a number of years. Replacement of those found to be in poorer condition began this week and will continue throughout the fall till the project is completed. As the poles are replaced, outages will be scheduled and residents notified.

The Water Department is working on restructuring one of the levies by the water plant on Mortimer’s Island. The levy has been eroding gradually and last winter it took additional hits with the flooding. The City received the okay to move ahead to improved the levy to protect the area around the plant.

Last Friday was the deadline for filing for Council elections in November. Seven candidates have filed their declarations and will be on the ballot. Please take time over the next two months to learn about the candidates, their background, experience and hopes for our City’s future. Voting will take place on Tuesday, November 7 at regular polling places. If you live in the City of Weiser, make sure you are registered to vote. Any questions regarding registration should be addressed to the Washington County Clerk’s office, 208-414-2092.

Our country has suffered some unbelievable disasters over the last year. The remembrance this Monday of the terrorists’ attack on our county on September 11, 2001 reminded me again of the men and women who serve as first res ponders to disasters. They put their lives on the line to protect life and property across our country. I so appreciate those who sign up and serve to stand for us. We will not forget!

We sometimes don’t mention our local and national forest firefighters in this group and I wanted to say thank you to these men and women as well. The Northwest has been and continues to be in harm’s way due to natural disaster and from the sheer stupidity of human choice. The firefighters have fought in unbelievable temperatures to save property and lives. Unfortunately, our forest have been allowed to become unhealthy and fire is many times the result. Thank you to these men and women and their families and to the families of those lost during these fires.

A couple more pieces of trivia from Lyle Hill: Our eyes are always the same size from birth, but our nose and ears never stop growing. (I know some folks whose nose grows proportionately to their fish stories, I think.) Babies are born without kneecaps. They don’t appear until the child reaches 2 to 6 years of age. (Which might mean we need to spend more time on our knees after 6 to make up for lost time.)

Fall sports are in full swing, so get out and support your favorite team and players. Check our local news media for the schedules. Hopefully, the smoke is gone to eliminate the need for changes.

Sep 19 2017

The Mayor’s Corner 09/06/2017

This Friday, September 8 at 5:00 pm is the closing of filing for candidates for the Weiser City Council. Three positions are up for election for four year terms. One of the current council people, Mr. Perry Plischke has indicated he will not be running for re-election so that position is open. In Weiser, candidates do not run for a particular position, the top three vote getters win the election no matter where they live in the City. Candidate packets are still available in the City office from City Clerk, David Tate. For any questions contact the Clerk at 208-414-1965. The election will be held on Tuesday, November 7. Residents will vote at their regular polling places and poll are open from 8:00am to 8:00pm. Make sure you are registered and participate in this great privilege we have.

Weiser City Council passed the 2018 fiscal year budget at the special meeting on Monday, August 28. following a public hearing. 12.9 % of the budget is funded through local property tax. The rest of the budget is funded through fees (59%) and revenue from grants and other state funds(29%). Here are some interesting stats from the Association of Cities (AIC): 5.5% of state sales tax is shared with cities across the state; 11.4% of state highway revenue is shared with cities for streets and 28.4% of state liquor revenue is shared with cities based on the population and usage.

City officials throughout the state were recently surveyed and identified the most important issues facing cities. The issues are: public works infrastructure (42%); economic development (22%); City budget (18%); public safety (10%) and other issues (8%). Cities have invested $1billion in wastewater treatment facilities and treat over 5.84 billion gallons of wastewater each year. In addition, cities have invested over $475 million in drinking water treatment and delivery facilities. Constructing and maintaining city streets can cost up to $2 million per mile (including pavement, curbs, gutters, crosswalks, street lighting, and traffic signals). Yearly maintenance on city streets is approximately $60,000 per mile. Bridges cost approximately $500 per square foot to build and tens of thousands in yearly maintenance. Just some interesting information.

Fit and Fall Proof classes start again on Thursday, September 7 at the Vendome at 9 am.. Check the Coming Up events for more information. There are two more weeks of the Farmers Market and Craft Fair, Thursdays, September 7 and 14. Lots of great buys.

The City of Weiser sends our condolences to the family of long-time Weiser resident and educator, Ruth Taylor. Ruth taught in the Weiser schools for many years and touched many lives with her kindness. She also volunteered in many areas including serving on our Weiser Library Board and the Friends of Weiser Memorial Hospital. She served as an ambassador with many visitors at the National Old Time Fiddle Festival as a volunteer and as a host at ‘Taylor’s Corner’ where many visitors over the years found a second home. Ruth will be missed.

Sep 19 2017

The Mayor’s Corner 08/30/2017

It is a much quieter week this week. Again thank you to all the people involved in the Eclipse Event. The City continues to receive emails and letters from visitors who chose Weiser as their viewing point. The thanks and compliments on the atmosphere surrounding the event have been numerous. Visitors have thanked us for the planning, preparation and follow through that went on. People appreciated the friendliness of our residents and volunteers. They also felt the food, coffee and t-shirts were reasonable priced and in most cases did not feel like residents were trying to “gouge” visitors. Families thank us for the great memories they will have of the eclipse, Idaho, and the City of Weiser. Thank you, Weiser, many of these people said they would be back. That is great economic development.

I hope you read about the fun time at the airport in last weeks Signal. Jim and Sue Metzger did an outstanding job providing a great event for pilots and guests during the eclipse weekend. With the help of the Airport Advisory board they hosted 108 planes and approximately 300 people at the airport. The guest were treated to a movie, BBQ, trips to Weiser and other fun activities. They had visitors from all over the United States and beyond. On Monday afternoon, after the eclipse, they were able to launch 79 planes took off from the airport in 35 minutes. If you were watching, it looked like they were being shot from a cannon. Quite a sight.

The Street Department is beginning the ADA ramp replacement on West Main Street this week. They will be tearing out the old ramps and replacing with new ramps. They will also be repairing asphalt in various locations around town to close up recent water and wastewater projects. Please watch for signage.

The Idaho Department of Transportation has been working on chip sealing Hwy 95 this weekend. The work will continue over the next several weeks so watch for signs and flaggers. Their plan is to complete work and begin repainting markings after Labor Day. This will cause more congestion over Labor Day weekend so please drive carefully.

More fun information from my friend, Lyle Hill: 1) A “jiffy” is an actual unit of time for 1/100th of a second; 2) A shark is the only fish that can blink with both eyes; 3) If you are an average American, in your whole life, you will spend an average of 6 months waiting at red lights. (Glad we live in Weiser, it would certainly be longer elsewhere)

Speaking of red lights: please watch the red light on Park Street. School has started and the crosswalks have not been repainted so pay close attention as our children cross the streets here and at Pioneer School. Crossing guards are there so watch the lights and flags. Please drive carefully by all our schools, heed the speed signs and protect our children.

We wish all our school personnel a good year. Thank you for your dedication to our kids. You are training our future.

Sep 19 2017

The Mayor’s Corner 08/23/2017

Congratulations, Weiser, what an awesome job everyone did. In walking around and visiting with many of our visitors, I heard so many compliments from people from around the world about the way they had been welcomed and how smooth everything was going. So many compliments came our way on what a great community we have. Thank you to all the business people for staying open and welcoming our guests. Thank you for your patience and kindness to others.

I want to give a special thank you to Wil Overgaard, Superintendent of Schools and Patrick Nauman, WCC owner for their leadership in putting the event together. Thank you to our law enforcement and emergency services for being prepared and to all the other committee members for their hard work and endless meetings over the last year. Thank you to the employees of the City of Weiser for being on duty Monday to answer questions and meeting any challenges that might arise. It was a very successful event. Thank you, Weiser, what a great experience for our young people and for the rest of the community. I can’t wait to hear how the NASA and NSO projects went.

Thank you to our visitors too. Crews began immediately cleaning up the parks and they were amazingly clean.

On to fall! The Street crew will begin tomorrow preparing the football and soccer fields for their opening games. Goals will be placed and the goal posts installed right away.

School begins on Monday so be prepared for busy morning drives and kids walking to school. Watch the crosswalks around the schools and please drive slowly in our school zones. Love Inc. and several other groups are collecting back packs and school supplies to help all students begin school with all the needed supplies. If you are interest in donating to this project contact Love, Inc., WICAP or the schools, I am sure they can head you in the right direction.

The public hearing for the FY2018 Budget will be Monday, August 28 at 7:00 pm in Council chambers. Comments will be received from the public at this time. The tentative budget was published in the Signal American and copies of the full budget can be obtained from City Hall on request. The tentative budget cannot be increased after publication but could be reduced if the Council chose to do so.

Another reminder about our Municipal elections this fall: Potential candidate packets are available at City hall now. Filing of those papers begins on Monday, August 28th at 8:00 am and closes on Friday, September 8 at 5:00 pm. Three Council positions are up for election this fall.

Please remember there is still a burn ban in place in both Washington County and the City of Weiser. After the wet spring, there is a large amount of fuel around the area and it will take little to start a fire. If you have any questions about setting a fire, call the Rural Fire or City Fire Departments.

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