Jan 04 2018

Fire Prevention Specialist/Firefighter/Fire Station Manager

The City of Weiser is currently accepting applications for A



Under general supervision of the City Fire Chief, including but not limited to; being active as a Firefighter, inspection for the prevention purpose; assist in coordinating public fire education programs; perform related administrative, station and apparatus maintenance; assist in training; on call duty officer (when Chief feels they have enough training and experience). Job description may be altered, amended as Chief deems necessary. Employee may be required to transfer to another City departments as needed and/ or directed by the Mayor or City Manager.

Physical: CONTINUOUS or FREQUENT/OCCASIONAL walking, climbing, standing, sitting, bending and stooping, twisting at the waist, side to side. Lifting/carrying/pulling objects weighing up to approximately 75lbs.

INFREQUENT squatting, crawling, working in confined spaces, kneeling, balance above ground, working on ladders and roofs, and off aerial device, and or any other firefighting skills as needed. WEARING turnouts/ wild land PPE, (personal, protective, equipment) SCBA, (self contained breathing apparatus).

ENVIRONMENT: Exposure to extreme cold, heat, extreme heat of fires, temperature swings from indoors to outdoors, extreme noise of fire alarms and fire alarm testing, working both indoors and outdoors, extreme humidity while working outdoors, mechanical hazards of heavy equipment and various machinery, explosive hazards of blasting operations; fumes and odors of smoke. Flammable liquids, gas, hazardous materials; dust of constructions sites and fire scenes, toxic substances.

WORK SCHEDULE: 38-hour biweekly work period, with unscheduled breaks/lunch periods. Extended fire operations or mandatory training exceeding 19 per hours week will be taken the following week hour for hour, attending but not limited to two drills a month. Work is performed in the office and at various other indoor/outdoor locations with or without protection from the weather. Work environment is formal team oriented, with both variable and routine tasks. Work is frequently fast paced, labor intensive and high-pressured.


  • Daily cleaning of the fire station and apparatus cleaning and preventive maintenance. Washing turnouts, ect.

  • Establish and maintain effective working relationships with Chief, and other employees, staff and the public.

  • Inspections of institutions, industries, retail establishments, motels, apartments and condominium complexes, service stations, schools, hospitals, nursing and convalescent units, and other establishments to secure compliance with with codes and regulation pertaining to fire safety.

  • Shall participate in Emergency/Non-Emergency Incidents and Drills, involving the protection of life safety and property or any part there of as assigned and respond to the site of an incident and assist in the mitigation of such incidents.

  • Operate City owned equipment.

  • Performs related work as requested or required.



High School Diploma or G.E.D.

Valid Idaho State Drivers License (CDL class A or B, Optional)

Idaho State Fire Code Official Certification (within 1 year or sooner of employment)


One year of experience in the fire service.

Firefighter I, II, III.


Applications are available Monday>Friday 8:00AM-5:00PM at Weiser City Hall or cityofweiser.com.

The City of Weiser is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Posting: Open Until Filled.

Dec 22 2017

The Mayor’s Corner 12/20/2017

The leaf machine has been retired for the winter and maintenance work is being done on it. I hope we got most of the leaves. Alleys should have had their fall cleaning as well. There are still a few alleys to be graded but most fall maintenance has been completed by the Street Department and we have been placing mag chloride and sand on some of the corners and intersections to make sure equipment is ready to go when the snow flies.
The article in last week’s Signal about the work being done to prevent flooding on the Weiser River emphasizes the ongoing problems with the accumulation of silt and gravel and the erosion of the banks of the Weiser and Snake Rivers. The crew at the Water plant has been addressing the same issues along the Mortimer’s Island area. They are currently building up the levy on what is called the Laird Property. The goal is to increase the levy so it does not flood and wash in behind the plant and across the access road to the plant. We had some flooding last year and want to avoid a repeat as much as possible. The City has been able to find fill dirt to begin to build the levy but are still looking for dirt that might be used for this purpose. If you have a large amount of dirt from building or excavation to be disposed of, give Bill Taylor a call at the Water plant and he can determine if it could be used in the levy and we might be able to move it for you.
The Water crew is also working with the Soil Conservation office on a grant to shear up the banks east of the Water Plant. Vicki Lukehart at the Soil Conservation office has been working for several years to help us find grant money to help with a solution to improve bank stability and reduce the widening of the river using rock, rock weirs and barbs. Because of Vicki’s work and connections, the City has been awarded a $50,000 grant to find the necessary solution and they are currently working to find the best and easiest answer that is acceptable to the Idaho Department of Resources, Army Corp of Engineers and the Department of Environmental Quality. Your can see it takes a highly coordinated effort.
The City is also currently working on applying for grant money to enhance East Galloway Street to provide a safer path to Weiser Middle School and Park School as well as looking for funding to provide sidewalk to the high school. There are a couple of new funding sources as a result of the Surplus Eliminator funded during the legislative session. There will be lots of competition for the funding but we will keep trying.
Christmas is here and the weather is certainly not looking like it but I’ll take it. Don’t forget the Christmas dinner being served at the Senior/Community Center on Christmas Day by the C.O.P.s. The dinner is free and is a service provided by another great group of community volunteers.
Merry Christmas to everyone. May you have a blessed day with family and friends.

Dec 22 2017

The Mayor’s Corner 12/13/2017

The inversion certainly takes its toll on attitudes and brings out the depression in most. The grayness has many of us looking forward to snow and warmer temperatures. A reminder from the Water Department to keep a small stream of water running in the cold, weather to stay off frozen pipes. Hopefully, everyone remembered to bring in those hoses and winterized outside faucets. If you have concerns about frozen meters, be sure to call the office and they will get checked.
There have been some problems with the leaf machine breaking down but the crews continue to pick up leaves. The eastside was done once and now the crew is back on the west side again. They will begin to look around town for larger piles hoping to get them picked up before the snow comes in.
The Electric Department will be replacing a pole on the ally way of E. 4th Street. This is one of the poles that was evaluated earlier this year and marked as being in need of replacement. The crew will also begin tree trimming over the next weeks. If you have areas of concern, let the office know. We do not do private tree trimming but if branches interfere with or may fall on lines, we want to remove them.
The ordinance officer will be contacting residents who have trailers and unmoved cars parked on our streets to get them moved before the snow sets in again. If these vehicles have to be towed this year, it will be at the owner’s expense. We’re hoping for a much milder winter but we also learned somethings from last year so we will act on that knowledge.
Our Weiser Public Library will be holding their Christmas Open House this Thursday, December 14 from 4:00- 6:00. There will be refreshments and entertainment from the Weiser Youth Symphony Strings. Come in and enjoy the warmth and fellowship. While you are there pick up a good Christmas book to share with others.
Thursday is also a great day to send a musical greeting card to someone in Weiser. The VAT Studio Carolers are raising funds for a new floor and will be going out singing carols for a $20 fee. The carolers will be out in the evening between 5:00 and 8:00 pm, so if you are interested call Tori at 208-739-6004 for more information.
Friday night is the Weiser Youth Symphony performance at the Snake River Heritage Center at 7:30 and the Living Nativity begins at 6:00 pm at the Nazarene Church and will run through Saturday night. Christmas programs are already underway at the schools so check with the schools for schedules. Enjoy the activities of Christmas.
Congratulations to Margie Chipman and Kyla Dickerson for being honored at the Idaho School Board Association Annual meeting. Congratulations too, to Sarah Jensen for being selected as Miss of America. Proud mom and dad, Margaret and John can give all the details.
Even with the gray skies, it is heartening to drive around and look at all the Christmas lights. Thanks to the City crew for all the lights on the trees downtown and in the parks. They look very cheery. This can be a tough time of year for many so reaching out to each other is always good. My friend, Lyle, sent me an article last week about the importance of building bridges and not walls. Christmas season is the perfect time to reach out to build bridges in families and neighborhoods. Many times, it takes extra effort but knowing the effort was made adds to the joys of Christmas. Find someone who needs a lift and build a bridge this year.

Dec 22 2017

The Mayor’s Corner 12/06/2017

What a great beginning to the month of December and the Christmas season. Congratulations to the organizers of the Festival of Trees and the Christmas parade. Both events were outstanding. If you missed either event, check out the reports on our local media. The trees were so fun and creative at the Festival. Each one would brighten a business or home and the entertainment was fun and enjoyable.
Thank you to the participants of the parade. It was fun to see more floats and groups involved. The young singers and dancers added to the excitement of the night. Santa is always popular along with the fire trucks.
Special thanks again this year to the Weiser Fire Department for the fireworks. They are a great ending to a wonderful community night. The donations given throughout the year to the Fireworks Fund pay for this display along with the 4th of July display.
The Weiser City Police Department is reminding residents on their Facebook page to lock your vehicles and homes. They are also encouraging residents to turn a light on to illuminate those dark places around your homes. “This time of yea, we experience more thefts than any other. Thieves usually take the targets of opportunity. Hand portable items left out such as generators, bicycles, power tools, etc. are common items taken.”
Make sure you do not leave gifts and packages in unlocked cars. That is a great temptation and makes a sad Christmas for someone. I know in this cold weather it is a temptation to start the car to warm it up before driving away but that is an invitation to someone who wants a warm car to get to school or work quickly. Lock your cars, unfortunately there are still Grinches this time of year.
In last weeks Signal, there was an article about the local Rolling Hills Golf Course governing board’s request for input on new ideas to serve the community both as golf course and as a restaurant and lounge. If you haven’t already taken time to take their survey, I encourage you to do so. The golf course is an asset to our community and the board can only make decisions based on the information and input they receive. If you don’t “do computers”, write a letter giving your suggestions about how the golf could best serve you personally, I’m sure they will appreciate it.
Do you need some inspiration for the holidays? There are some wonderful upcoming events to lisft your spirits. Check the Coming Events and the local Community Calendar to stay up on all the comings and goings. The Community Christmas Celebration is this Sunday, December 10 at 3:00 pm at the high school auditorium. This cantata is being presented by the Weiser Ministerial Association and is free of charge.
The Youth Symphony Christmas Concert will be on Friday, December 15 at 7:30 at the Snake River Heritage Center. Check the Signal for admission charges. This is always an amazing presentation. Also happening that week end is the Living Nativity presented by the Weiser Church of the Nazarene from 6:00-8:00 pm on Friday, December 15th and Saturday, December 16th. The church is located at 510 E. Indianhead Rd. Enjoy the story of Christmas from the warmth of your car. There is no charge for this event.
Don’t forget to get out and support your favorite high school athletes, too. The Wolverines are in action in Girls’ and Boys’ basketball and wrestling. Check the local media and school district website for the schedule of games. A busy time in Weiser.

Dec 22 2017

The Mayor’s Corner 11/29/2017

It was great to see so many people downtown on Saturday for the Small Business Open House. There was lots of entertainment and good buys in the local stores.
Families are getting excited for the Christmas season and some already have their shopping done and decorations up. The American Christmas Tree Association has put out some good reminders about Christmas Tree safety. Our local fire departments join in sharing these safety trips.
“Did you know that Christmas trees alone result in 13 million dollars, annually, in property damage? More importantly, these fires present real risk towards family and friends. When showcasing a live tree in your home, the combination of tree dryness, electrical malfunction with lights and poorly located heating sources can make for a deadly combination.
The freshest trees are less likely to catch fire, so look for a tree with vibrant green needles that are hard to pluck and don’t break easily from its branches. The tree shouldn’t be shedding its needles readily.
Always place your tree away from heat sources like fireplaces, radiators, candles, heat vents or lights, and keep the tree base filled with water to avoid a dry out.
Make sure all your indoor and outdoor Christmas lights have been tested in a lab by the UL or ETL/ITSNA for safety, and throw out any damaged lights.
Any lights you use outdoors must be labeled suitable for exterior placement, and be sure to plug them into a ground-fault circuit interrupter protected receptacle.
Keep all your holiday candles away from your Christmas tree, surrounding furniture and décor.
Bedtime means lights off! ­ Don’t forget to turn your Christmas tree lights off each night.
When your tree begins to drop its needles, it’s time to say goodbye to your evergreen foliage until next year, so this year, follow our guidelines to avoid being another statistic in the National Fire Protection Association or United States Fire Administration report during the upcoming holiday season.”
I understand fresh trees may be in short supply so I’m sure many will want to get their trees early but remember to keep your tree water and watch the dryness of the needles.
Crews are continuing to work on the leaves and alley clean up. They have moved over to the eastside of Highway 95. The WWTP crew is also still working on storm drains. If you have a storm drain near you that appears to be plugged and have not reported it, give the office a call with the location. They are working their way across town on that project as well.
This past week I had the honor of joining many friends in saying good-bye to another long time Weiser area businessman and resident, Cliff Pope. Cliff was the locksmith and bike and small engine repair man here for many years. I think he could fix about anything. He also worked with me and others at Annex School on the Oregon side. He taught me how to “run” a school from the bottom up. I so appreciated his knowledge, patience and kindness to kids and adults as he drove bus and maintained our school. He will sure be missed. Condolences to Ruby and his family.
Remember this Friday is the Christmas Parade and the arrival of Santa to light the tree at the Depot. The Festival of Trees begins Wednesday with the Gala and will continue through Friday night. Be sure to get out to see the beautiful trees and wreaths at the Vendome this week. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

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