Aug 21 2017

Municipal Elections

The Municipal elections are coming up quickly on November 7. August 28 is the first day to file beginning at 8 a.m. as a candidate for the CITY ELECTION. Filing is with the CITY CLERK. (Sec. 50-410, Idaho Code) There are three Council positions up for election, the mayor’s position is not up for election in this cycle. The positions of Council persons Leedy, Plischke and Young up for election this cycle. These positions are all at-large and candidates do no run for any certain position, the top three vote getters are elected.

To get their name on the ballot, a candidate must submit a Declaration of Candidacy which can be obtained from the City Clerk. The candidate must: 1) Be at least 18 years of age; 2) Be a U.S. Citizen; 3)The candidate’s primary residence must be within the city; 4)The address of the candidate’s voter registration must match the residence provided on the candidate’s declaration; and 4)The candidate must have resided in the city for at least 30 days prior to submitting their declaration.

The Declaration of Candidacy must be accompanied by one of the following: 1) A petition of Candidacy signed by at least five qualified city electors whose signatures have been verified by the County Clerk; or 2) A nonrefundable filing fee of $40.

September 8 is the last day to file until 5:00 p.m. as a candidate for the CITY ELECTION to be held on November 7. Filing is with the CITY CLERK. (Sec. 50-410, Idaho Code) If you have any questions contact City Clerk, David Tate at the City office, 414-1965.

A reminder: packets for City Council positions can be picked up from the City Clerk’s office at any time. Filing begins on Monday, August 28th at 8:00 a.m. and closes on Friday, September 8. The election will be held on Tuesday, November 7. If you have any questions, contact City Clerk, David Tate at 415-1965.



Jul 10 2017

Deputy Purchasing Agent



 is currently accepting applications for a Deputy Purchasing Agent


     The position of Deputy Purchasing Agent works under the direct supervision of the City Clerk and Public Works Director / Purchasing Agent and is responsible but not limited to, general administrative duties, answering and directing phone calls, operating computer to log in materials to make updates to inventory in stores. Providing counter assistance to customers and vendors, and monthly accounts payable.

The position involves the overall operation of the stores department.



  • Works with Purchasing Agent on ordering all materials and supplies.
  • Keep records of supplies ordered prior to permanent entry.
  • Answers telephone providing customer service and directing calls as required.
  • Issue purchase orders for purchases of materials and supplies.  
  • Work with vendors on scheduling orders, and tracking catalog records.
  • Keeping records of all materials leaving and entering stores inventory.
  • Maintains public records.
  • Complete monthly accounts payable for city council approval.
  • Keep financial records for all purchases by departments of budgeted materials.
  • Other general administrative duties as directed by City Clerk / Public Works Director.



  • Knowledge of general office practices and ability to operate office equipment requirements
  • including but not limited to computer, copy machine, fax machine.
  • Knowledge of purchasing practices and inventory control.
  • Ability to complete assigned task in a timely manor.
  • Must possess public relation skills and demonstrate ability to deal with the public in a positive
  • and professional manor.
  • Ability to lift, move and carry 50 lb, climb ladders, stand for long periods of time.      
  • Drive forklift loading and unloading daily deliveries.



  • High School Diploma or GED.
  • Three years of general administrative experience.
  • Working knowledge of Windows 7, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel.


The City of Weiser is now accepting applications for this position. Applications are available at Weiser City Hall Monday through Friday during regular business hours or at our website Closing date is Friday 5:00 p.m., August 4, 2017. The City of Weiser is an equal opportunity employer.

Jun 21 2017

The Mayor’s Corner 06/21/2017

Welcome to our Fiddling friends and visitors. We hope you have a great week in Weiser. It looks like the weather is going to be great. Stay hydrated and use sunscreen and insect repellent If being outside.

Fiddle week is busy already. City crews are working with the organizers to provide a good week for all our residents and visitors. Please drive carefully with the increased traffic and watch for bike riders and pedestrians. Visitors- remember we have couple of one-way streets in town so be cautious as you turn on Main and Idaho Streets.

The City wants to thank the folks at Western Timber for their donation of sawdust for our playgrounds. We continue to look for the safest materials at reasonable cost for our playgrounds. We have had small chunks of rubber for years but unfortunately, they get very hot in our warmest months. There are requirements for the depth of the material under the equipment and some materials makes the cost prohibitive so this donation is very much appreciated.

The 4th of July is just two weeks away. Plans are moving forward for the 4th of July Veterans’ Parade. The Parade will take place as usual 4th of July morning with times to follow next week. Jim Grunke has long organized this parade and Jim has retired this year so Herb Haun and Alex Chavarria are leading the charge this year. We encourage all veterans and current military personnel to be available. I will be issuing a formal request next week so start planning to be part of the parade. There will be float available for veterans who wish to ride rather than march. In addition, we love to have kids and adults join by decorating bikes and wearing patriotic costumes as part of the parade. There Will Not be a barbecue but the fireworks will happen at dark on the night of the 4th. Following the parade, there will be a ceremony at Veterans’ Park.

Our Weiser Fire Department provides an outstanding job of presenting fireworks to celebrate our country’s birthday. Bill Taylor and crew have another great display planned thanks to the many contributions from the community.

Thank you to Jim for his many years of service to our country and community. He has led our veterans’ activities in Weiser for many years by organizing events and providing transportation for our veterans in his military equipment. Thank you, Jim for your dedication.

Congratulations to Evelyn Upton and the family of Eugene Hirata for the recognition and honor given during this year’s Fiddle Parade. Remember this parade will happen this Saturday beginning at noon. Find a comfortable spot along the parade route. Bring your chair, water and some shade to enjoy the floats and participating groups. The parade route is on page 13 of the Signal Fiddle edition. The Bikers’ Rodeo follows the parade at 2 p.m. and is being held this year at the Rodeo grounds. Check out the paper for the schedule for the many events going on all week.

Thank you to all the volunteers and organizers that make this such a fun week in Weiser. Enjoy the week and be safe.

Jun 14 2017

The Mayor’s Corner 06/14/2017

Preparation for Fiddle Festival has begun in earnest with the placement of the banner across State Street. Crews from the Electric Department and Water Department will be placing the wood Fiddles up later in the week. Power boards will be placed in the parks and water hook-ups checked and meters read to begin usage for the vendors. The Street crew is finishing the crosswalks and will be placing barricades around various locations for parking, closing streets and preparing for the parade on Saturday. The Street crew will also be building the City float which is used to transport the host Fiddlers in the parade each year. This year it is also scheduled to be used in the 4th of July Parade to transport some of our veterans. The Parks crew is working to get the parks ready for all the visitors and make sure sprinkler heads are marked so vendors don’t run over them. Lots of little details have to be taken care of before the activities begin.

Flags will be put up this week to celebrate Flag Day on Wednesday, June 14 and will stay up until after the 4th of July. They always look so nice waving in the wind next to the flower baskets. Hopefully, the waving in the wind will be a gentle waving. We have definitely been getting our share of blustery, rainy days and nights the last few weeks. The beauty of the lightning in the sky can sometimes be lost in the roar of the thunder particularly if you have animals.

Friday nights will not be the same this year for many of us. I visited with Ken Avant last week and Friday Nite Live has had to be suspended this year. As you may know Friday Nite Live was the joint effort of Ken and Gene Inskeep. Ken was the idea and logistics man and Gene allowed his property to be used to house the event each week. Gene decided after last season to fix the courtyard up and removed the bricks and pavers along with trees and brush in hopes of redoing the area to better accommodate the event and provide a nicer set up. Gene unexpectedly passed away last winter. His family has since sold the building and courtyard. The new owner has expressed his support of the event but unfortunately the cost of replacing the roof after our ‘winter from Hades’ along with the cost of removing the tree and redoing the courtyard has made it cost prohibitive to get it done. Ken has looked at other possible venues but the transportation of equipment and setup in other areas with seating capacity has not worked at this time. This was a fun Friday night activity and a wonderful way to showcase local talent as well as a way to raise money to get music in the hands of our school kids. Thank you, Ken, for all your efforts over the last five years. You are so appreciated. We will miss this community wide event.

Be sure if you have kids to put Kids’ Day, Tuesday, June20 on your calendar. This has become a premier event for the kids during Fiddle Week. This year the ping pong ball drop has been added back in down by the Depot. Check out the details for all the activities in the special section of today’s paper. Enjoy Fiddle Week and be safe.

Jun 07 2017

The Mayor’s Corner 06/07/2017

Last week I wrote about the structure of our court system because I am working with a team of folks to look at funding for the courts. We received an overview of current fees related to criminal and infraction cases I thought I would share so when you see the listings you might have a better understanding of them.

The following fees are charged in all cases whether felony, misdemeanors, or infractions and does not include any fines. Felony costs are $245.50 which is broken down in the following way: $17.50 Court costs, $10 County justice fund, $15 POST Academy, $75 Crime Victims Compensation, $10 Court Technology Fund, $3 Peace Officer Disability, $100 surcharge which I understand goes to Supreme Court, $15 Victim Notification Fund. Misdemeanor fees are $157.50 which includes $17.50 Court costs, $10 County Justice Fund, $15 POST Academy, $37 Crime Victims Compensation, $10 Court Technology Fund, $3 Peace Officer Disability $50 Surcharge, $15 Victim Notification Fund. Infraction fees are $56.50; $16.50 Court costs, $5 County Justice Fund, $15 POST Academy, 0 Crime Victims Fund, $10 Court Technology Fund, 0 Peace Officer Disability, $10 Surcharge, 0 Victim Notification. There are additional fees in specific cases such as Community Service Fee $.60 per hour, Felony Probation Fee $75 per month or less and a list of other cases depending on the charges.

There are also fees established by the courts that are collected by the County Clerk for civil and criminal filings. Civil fees would include filings like divorce, guardianship, conservatorships, adoptions, small claims court, etc.

The fines charged are set by statute or law and the percentages that are allocated are also set by law. The Supreme Court also established the priority list when payment of fees and fines is made. The actual Criminal fine is number 16 on the priority list so the other 15 items must be paid if the judge orders them as part of the fine before the criminal fine is allocated payment. There are another eight items on the list that may need to be addressed in payment if they apply to the case. Now when you see those numbers in the paper you may have a little more understanding of them. Funding courts is complex as is the funding for our law enforcement. Funding for law enforcement at the County level comes primarily from taxes and in the City, it is taxes through the general fund.

Fiddle Contest is not far off. It is time to look at clean up around the community. City crews have already started getting crosswalks repainted and streets clean for our visitors. There are some changes to the location of the contest and changes in the parks. Many organizations are looking for volunteers to help with projects so watch the paper for opportunities to help out.

Remember if traveling I-84 on the weekends, that the lanes of traffic between Caldwell and Nampa will be restricted from 7 pm. Friday until 5 a.m. Monday for construction. Watch local news and the ITD website for the specific plans for crossover to one-lane in each direction during these times. Initial construction began May 21 and is expected to continue through mid-July.

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