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City of Weiser Water Department

Our mission is to provide safe, clean drinking water to our community as well as to continually maintain our infrastructure with an eye on the future.We provide services vital to the health and safety of our citizens.

  •  Office hours are M-F 7 am to 4 pm 414-1775.
  • Emergency after hours and weekends 550-1373.
  • All billing as well as service connection and disconnection inquiries should be directed to City Hall at 414-1965

If you do not have a main shut off valve and need your water off please call an operator to get it shut off at the meter.



Weiser2 The Water Plant was first established on Mortimers Island in November of 1903 and operated until the passing of the Clean Water Act in 1972. In 1973 the City completed construction of a new water plant and river intake structures to increase production capability as well as to keep up with the new federal regulations. 

The Water Plant received a major upgrade and rebuild beginning in March of 2004 to modernize our facilities and increase our production capability to 3 million gallons per day. The second half of the upgrade was completed in March of 2007. 

Our water sources are the Snake and Weiser rivers. The City also has one well that was in use from 1949 to 2006 but, following an EPA regulation change in 2006 to the allowable amount arsenic, and the capacity of the new water plant, the City chose to close this well and keep it active as an emergency backup only.

Our water reservoirs store a combined total of 3,524,000 gallons of water providing drinking water and fire protection within two pressure zones through over 38 miles of piping. 

Fluorides are not added to the water, however, testing indicates there is .58 mg/L (parts per million) of naturally occurring fluoride in our water.

Backflow prevention


The Idaho Division of Building Safety has made some changes to the Idaho Plumbing Code that directly affect home owners and businesses using lawn sprinkler systems. Double check valve backflow preventers are no longer approved for use on these systems and will no longer be allowed. To view the rule change, click here.

Backflow assemblies must be tested annually and in the case of irrigation backflow preventers, each spring when the system becomes active. All irrigation systems must be tested before June 1st unless prior arrangements have been made and all testers must be licensed in the State of Idaho. City Ordinance 1217 defines backflow assemblies requirements for all connections to a City Water Supply.

*As a special note a home booster pump connected to city water is included in these requirements.

More information regarding backlow and cross-connection requirements can be found on our backflow page.

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