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Airal Plant ShotOur operation consists of three major areas of concern; Collection, Treatment, and Laboratory. Our department is staffed 7-days per week with staff members on-call 24 hours a day. Staff members must be tested, certified and licensed by the Idaho Bureau of Licensing and obtain advanced training (C.E.U.’s) to keep existing licenses active. Extensive on-the-job training is required for all employees and comprehensive records are kept of all activities at the facility.

Collections Division

Our Collection division is responsible for cleaning and maintaining over 20 miles of underground pipeline, manholes, and lift stations that carry sewage from homes, businesses, and industrial facilities to our Treatment Facility, located on west 9th Street.
Equipment used includes a high-pressure “Jetter Truck” capable of delivering over 1,500 psi of pressure through specially designed nozzles for cleaning pipe walls and removal of debris and a closed circuit video recording system used to create videos of the interior of pipelines. These videos are examined by qualified staff members to assess pipe condition and areas in need of repair or replacement. We also use a “Vactron” trailer-mounted vacuum and pressure washer system to clean and remove debris from manholes and storm drains.

Wastewater Treatment Facility

The Weiser Wastewater Treatment Facility operates under a permit provided by the Federal Enviromental Protection Agency.  The Treatment Facility receives raw sewage from the entire city of Weiser and through a series of processes removes organic and inorganic solids, clarifies the wastewater, and removes harmful bacteria, before returning purified effluent water back into the Snake River, in much better condition than the City Water Department receives it. Please refer to our treatment page for an overview of our treatment processes.

Wastewater Laboratory

The laboratory analyzes samples taken from all phases of the processes at the Wastewater Treatment Facility to ensure compliance with State and Federal EPA regulations, guide supervisors in making adjustments to the various treatment processes, and provide data for use in billing our industrial customers.


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