The Weiser Municipal airport was established in the 1940’s in the Sunnyside Orchards tract near the Snake River. Airport is located about three miles from town of Weiser.

Weiser Airport Buildings AerialIn 1990 a major renovation took place and the main runway was re-constructed. The runway was lengthened to 4000 ft. and the widened to 60 ft.

The airport most recently updated the runway with a new asphalt mat and improved the drainage along the runway. Past projects have included installing taller wildlife/security fence with security gates. A PAPI was installed on runway 30, and REILS lighting system on runway 12/30 were installed several years ago. The above projects have been funded by Federal, State, and local matching funds.

In 2001 the main hanger caught fire and was completely burned down. A new modern hanger was constructed in 2002 on the same site. It provides heated and cooled restroom and pilots lounge.


There is an airport courtesy car on site, for rental by pilots flying into the Weiser Airport.

The Weiser airport is situated on eighty-six (86) acres south of Weiser City limits. Elevation at the Weiser airport 2,120 ft above sea level. When airport was constructed in 1990, it was designed for a maximum load limit of 12,500 lbs.

The City of Weiser has land available to lease, to construct privately owned hangers. Currently there are no fueling facilities at the airport.

For further information contact City Hall at (208) 414-1965, the airport manager, Idaho State Aeronatics,or the FAA in Seattle, WA.