Feb 08 2017

The Mayor’s Corner 02/08/2017

The community continues to get help and support from former residents and WHS students as we ‘weather’ the weather.  Former WHS student, Nicole Wilson, who currently lives in Oregon, reached out with words of encouragement and a big box of gloves for crews and volunteers to keep their hands warm and protected as they work in the snow and cold.  They definitely warm the hands but her gesture warms the heart as well.  Thanks, Nicole.
Another former WHS student, Dan Leija, who teaches 3rd grade in San Antonio, TX had his students make posters of encouragement to the businesses and residents of Weiser.  The poster are currently on display in the City office and will be shared with businesses who would like to display them for their customers to see.  What a great project of support.
City crews are back on the streets clearing slush off the roadways.  With the expected changes in the weather the melting will continue and ice should disappear but as it does the slush will appear.  Drive slowly and carefully through side streets and subdivisions until the graders get to your area.  Stay on the main roads as much as possible.  “Slow and steady wins the race.”  Thanks again for your patience.
I have been contacted by a resident who located the storm drain near his home.  Google Earth made it much easier to find then the map on the web site so if you are interested in helping clear the storm drain in your area and have access to Google Earth that seems to be very helpful.  The crew from the WWTP is still working on clearing the drains but we no longer have the outside help so if you can help that is great.  Usually the water develops a channel to the drain under the snow unless it is encrusted with ice.
Clearing the area around gas meters and outside connections is very important.  The Weiser Fire Department has had multiple calls of smelling gas.  In some cases, they are not leaks but some are so do not take a chance, clear away the snow around the meter and connection to avoid breaks.
People offering their services to help repair damage to structures and roofs will soon be appearing if they haven’t already.  Remember to check out these services before hiring someone to do work for you.  If they indicate they are contractors, call Dennis Cooper in our Building Department and he can check on licensing in the State.  Be sure to check out anyone who “stops in” to offer services. DON’T PAY FOR SERVICES BEFORE THE WORK IS DONE AND YOU ARE SATISFIED WITH IT.
Our community lost another long-time resident and local “caramel man”, Don Hezeltine.  Don and his wife Dorothy have minister in our community for many years.  He was a huge Weiser Wolverine fan and could be found selling his caramels at many of our fundraising activities.  Sympathies go out to Don’s family.
Former resident and WHS graduate, Ryan Olsen, was recently recognized in the Idaho Press Tribune for his skill as a wood carver.  Ryan currently lives in Melba and is a choir teacher and professional opera singer.  His caricatures are amazing and entertaining.  Ryan has a long history of being amazing and entertaining.  He is the son of Fawn and Clark Olsen and is very talented. Congratulations to another talented Wolverine.
Congratulations to the Weiser High School Cheer Squad for their outstanding performance in the Treasure Valley Cheer Invitational over the weekend.  With the winter weather and inability to get together for practice, this says a lot for the work ethic and spunk of these ladies.  Another great weekend to be a Wolverine.