Mar 08 2017

The Mayor’s Corner 03/08/2017

Spring is coming. It was a relief as I drove into town on Sunday to see the grass beginning to peak out from under its heavy burden of snow. Yes, I know there are still many piles around, but to see them diminishing without wholesale flooding in our homes is a real blessing.
City crews are beginning to get back to normal upkeep and maintenance in their departments. The Wastewater Department is still monitoring the storm water issues as the snow melts. If you observe drainage problems as we continue to have rain, please let the office know so we can get the guys out to clean the drains. The wastewater treatment plant is also working on bringing the plant up to the biological level for the most efficient running of the plant. With the long winter and influx of some ground water into the system the ‘bugs’ get somewhat out of whack. The importance of the biological information received in our lab is huge.
Street crews are finally having time to begin catching up on maintenance. Most of the alleys have been cleared, although, a few are still piled with snow and the crews are unable to get them cleared. Slowly, the pickup garbage will be getting back to normal. As the alleys dry out, the crews will be looking at returning to alley cleanup and removing leaves from the curb area to avoid clogging the drains. In addition, the street sweepers are being prepped for cleaning up the sand from the main streets.
The Electric Department and Street Department will also begin working on trimming trees that are encroaching on power lines and hanging into the streets and alleys after the heavy snow fall. Utility trucks did have problems with hanging limbs causing damage to mirrors and lights on the trucks. Again, if you have areas like these, contact the City office. The City does not do private trimming but will cut off limbs that are encroaching on rights of way.
Water Plant crew is working on spring plant maintenance and looking toward upcoming projects. Fire Department continues to get calls on gas leaks. Do not wait if you feel these is a gas leak in your area. Call the department and have it checked out. Our volunteers have been busy this winter unfortunately. Speaking of our Fire Department, plans are being made for the annual fireworks fundraising breakfast for this year. The Fireworks Breakfast is scheduled for Saturday, April 8 from 7-10:30 in the Vendome. A donation of $8 is asked for the breakfast. Come down and support the 4th of July and Christmas fireworks displays.
I was glad to see our ‘resident’ elk was peacefully moved to new digs. It was interesting to watch the video. He didn’t want to leave and miss out on all that attention he had been getting. What a strange winter it has been.
Congratulations to our winter sports teams for their outstanding performances this year. The Cheerleading Team swept their competition and completed a great year with their victories. Girls’ basketball, Boys’ basketball and the wrestling team all made it to their State tournaments. Congratulations to the WHS Boys’ team for winning the Consolation title. It was another great year to be a Wolverine.
A couple of more signs of spring were covered in the paper. Onionskins is back. It looks like another fun production running in the old Star Theater the next two weeks in March. Mr. Turner and the WHS music students are gearing up for their musical “Once Upon A Mattress” being held at the WHS Auditorium March 20, 22, 24 and 25. Doors open at 6:30 and performances begin at 7:00 p.m. WHS Choirs present their musical every other year and do an outstanding job. Don’t miss it. The Weiser Youth Symphony will be performing a strings only concert at the Snake River Heritage Center on Tuesday, March 14 at 7:30. There is lots of great musical talent in our community. Welcome Spring, we are glad to see you coming.