Sep 19 2017

The Mayor’s Corner 09/06/2017

This Friday, September 8 at 5:00 pm is the closing of filing for candidates for the Weiser City Council. Three positions are up for election for four year terms. One of the current council people, Mr. Perry Plischke has indicated he will not be running for re-election so that position is open. In Weiser, candidates do not run for a particular position, the top three vote getters win the election no matter where they live in the City. Candidate packets are still available in the City office from City Clerk, David Tate. For any questions contact the Clerk at 208-414-1965. The election will be held on Tuesday, November 7. Residents will vote at their regular polling places and poll are open from 8:00am to 8:00pm. Make sure you are registered and participate in this great privilege we have.

Weiser City Council passed the 2018 fiscal year budget at the special meeting on Monday, August 28. following a public hearing. 12.9 % of the budget is funded through local property tax. The rest of the budget is funded through fees (59%) and revenue from grants and other state funds(29%). Here are some interesting stats from the Association of Cities (AIC): 5.5% of state sales tax is shared with cities across the state; 11.4% of state highway revenue is shared with cities for streets and 28.4% of state liquor revenue is shared with cities based on the population and usage.

City officials throughout the state were recently surveyed and identified the most important issues facing cities. The issues are: public works infrastructure (42%); economic development (22%); City budget (18%); public safety (10%) and other issues (8%). Cities have invested $1billion in wastewater treatment facilities and treat over 5.84 billion gallons of wastewater each year. In addition, cities have invested over $475 million in drinking water treatment and delivery facilities. Constructing and maintaining city streets can cost up to $2 million per mile (including pavement, curbs, gutters, crosswalks, street lighting, and traffic signals). Yearly maintenance on city streets is approximately $60,000 per mile. Bridges cost approximately $500 per square foot to build and tens of thousands in yearly maintenance. Just some interesting information.

Fit and Fall Proof classes start again on Thursday, September 7 at the Vendome at 9 am.. Check the Coming Up events for more information. There are two more weeks of the Farmers Market and Craft Fair, Thursdays, September 7 and 14. Lots of great buys.

The City of Weiser sends our condolences to the family of long-time Weiser resident and educator, Ruth Taylor. Ruth taught in the Weiser schools for many years and touched many lives with her kindness. She also volunteered in many areas including serving on our Weiser Library Board and the Friends of Weiser Memorial Hospital. She served as an ambassador with many visitors at the National Old Time Fiddle Festival as a volunteer and as a host at ‘Taylor’s Corner’ where many visitors over the years found a second home. Ruth will be missed.