City Council

The Weiser City Council consists of six (6) members who are elected at large. Their term of office is for four (4) years and are staggered so that not all Council members terms expire at the same time.

A Council President is elected on a yearly basis. He presides over all meetings of the Council and performs other duties of the Mayor in his absence. All Council members have mailboxes located at City Hall. You may also call or email City Hall.

For more information about Weiser City Council members, simply click on their picture.

Council Member

Council Member

Council Member

Weiser City Council Member Cliff Barberis

Cliff Barberis

Weiser City Council Member Layna Hafer

Layna Hafer

Weiser City Council Member Virgil Leedy

Virgil Leedy

Council Member

Council President

Council Member

Weiser City Council Member Perry Plischki

Perry Plischki

Weiser City Council President Dan Randleman

Dan Randleman

Weiser City Council Member Sherry Young

Sherry Young