To Protect and Serve the Weiser Community

Police Chief Carl Smith

Police Chief Carl Smith

Mission Statement:

The Weiser Police Department is dedicated to ensuring the safety and quality of life for all residents of Weiser, through a proactive approach to community issues.

Our officers are committed to maintaining high ethical standards, training and professional development.

We will provide professional police services by inviting public participation, in order to produce a community atmosphere where citizens are treated with dignity and respect and the community is protected and served.

It is to these people that we are ultimately responsible, and we will serve the citizens of Weiser to the best of our ability with the resources and equipment  provided to us.

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Reserve Officer Program

The Reserve Officer program was established to  provide young men and women who are      interested in the field of Law Enforcement the opportunity to train towards a career. Each   Reserve Officer works towards establishing a Level 1 training status. They are required to be small arms qualified prior to carrying a weapon and must undergo a background check before being hired. They meet twice a month and are provided a uniform. Each officer is responsible for his own service weapon.


Citizens On Patrol

Community support is what generates this    program. Citizens On Patrol consists of volunteer members of the community who  devote their time by patrolling the neighborhood to help keep it safe.  Currently composed of some 17 members, COPS are the eyes and ears of the police department. They are Weiser’s rolling neighborhood watch and are a valuable asset to the city and the police department.


After School Program

The After School Program was started back in September of 2001 with Drug Prevention and Education as its major goal. Initially designed for grades 4th through 9th and an age group of 9 to 12, the program now works with kids ages 7 to 14 years of age. The program allows kids the opportunity to interact with fellow classmates in a safe after school environment. Funding is  generated through the City of Weiser, fund  raising efforts, as well as, local community and business support.

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