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The City of Weiser initiated automated garbage pickup service in 1978. The City purchased one new truck and all of the necessary garbage containers at that time. The City currently provides residential pick up and commercial pickups six days a week.

There are no holiday pickups due to the transfer station being closed. The department employs one full time employee and up to two part time seasonal employees.

The City provides once a week pick up for residential customers during the fall, winter, and spring months. During the summer we provide twice a week pick up for residential customers.

Commercial routes vary on the wants and needs of the customer.  The City of Weiser still provides the garbage containers for our customers.

Homeowners that do not have alley access will be provided a small (90 gallon) roll out can. Residents with alley access will share the larger (300) gallon containers with three or four neighbors typically. If you have a damaged or broken can please contact Public Works Department at City Hall to have a replacement brought to your home or business.

The City of Weiser strives to operate a neat and tidy garbage pickup service, but sometimes certain factors prevent us from meeting our goals. Windy days really play havoc with trying to dump the cans into the truck. If residents and businesses would please tie the garbage bags shut, this helps to keep litter and trash from blowing all over town.

We have tried to establish pickup routes to all that eliminate backing the large trucks up to turn around. Due to the enormous size of the trucks, blind spots, and vehicle traffic, we encourage the drivers to avoid backing up whenever possible. We ask that you don’t park your car to close to the garbage container as we will not be able to get close enough to grab the can with automated grabber arm.

There needs to be a minimum of 15’ clear area on both sides of the can, and do not pile any debris around the can. All material to be picked up must be inside of the can. Do not leave the lid up on the cans as this creates a health hazard due to animals getting into the garbage plus it lessens the chance for garbage to be spilled while the can is being dumped into the truck hopper.

Click on route map to see when your can will be picked up weekly. Commercial routes do not follow this schedule. If you have questions please call 208-414-1966.